Where to Eat

Where to Eat

This is where you'll find all the restaurants and the best places to eat in Cebu!

Binignit and Biko Recipes: Bisaya Holy Week Staples

Something about this combo scream holy week. Not that we only eat binignit and biko during lent, it’s just that these are staples during these holidays. We were curious and asked around about this....

Cebu Dating – The Best & Most Romantic Places to take Your Date

Valentine’s Day or not, if you’re having trouble deciding where to spend a romantic time with him/her, we got you covered. Here’s a list of the most romantic places to go to for a...

Budget Friendly Food Spots in Cebu City

So you’re new here in Cebu City and you’re looking for a place to chow. You only have a couple of hundred pesos budgeted for a meal and you’re looking for something authentically Cebuano....

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