4 Trusted Veterinary Clinics/Hospitals in Cebu

Cebuanos may be tough on the outside, but we are certified softies on the inside. When we talk about our love for family, friends and extended family we call pets, there is no holding back!

Our furry pets are indeed part of our close-knit family ties. We spend so much on their hair, hygiene, food and toys, more than we could spend on ourselves! We make sure that they get all the vaccination and other medical attention they need to make them live longer and happier. When they get sick, we take them to the best animal clinics in town to make sure they get treated well.

As we all know, not many animal centers treat our animals right. They are just open for business, but they really don’t care about the animals at all! Sometimes they misdiagnose our pets to make us spend more on their services! It’s a shame, really. So I searched for the top vets in Cebu according to Google reviews of the veterinary clinics/hospitals you can send your pets to:

Caminade Animal Hospital

Rate: 4.6


Caminade Animal Hospital is a well-known animal hospital among dog owners here in Cebu. I once posted on a Facebook group regarding my pet’s condition and this hospital came on top of the comments.

Their services include check-ups, lab tests, vaccinations and x-ray. All of these services are very important! It’s a plus that Caminade is a hospital and not just a clinic because everything your pet might ever need is just in one place, including a pharmacy and a pet shop!

They also do surgical procedures and other emergency procedures. Check-ups cost 300 pesos.



They are located in M.J. Cuenco Avenue, Mabolo Cebu City. They are open from 8 AM to 7 PM every day except Sundays. On Sundays, they open their doors at 9 AM and close at 6 PM.

For more information, contact them at 0927 665 5777 or visit their Facebook page and website.

Aycardo Veterinary Center Inc.

Rate: 4.5

Photo by Aycardo Veterinary Center Inc.

Photo by Aycardo Veterinary Center Inc.

AVCI runs two clinics in Cebu. The main one is in Private (J. Alcantara St., near USC Girls High) and the other one is in Talisay (Lawaan). I have been here twice because I had to have my doggies checked. It was convenient for me because I live nearby 🙂 They do have a parking space, just in case you’re wondering.

The clinic opened in 2007 and they never ran out of pets to care for since then. I would recommend it for quick medical check-ups, vaccinations and laboratory tests but I am not sure if I would when it comes to serious medical procedures.

If I am not mistaken, a medical check-up only costs 250 pesos.



As mentioned, they are located in J. Alcantara St., Cebu City, right before you reach USC-BED. From E-Mall or Colon, take a 01C jeepney. It’s the only jeepney that passes by the area.

For more information, please contact them at 418 2021 or through their Facebook page and website.

Animal Kingdom Veterinary Hospital

Rate: 4.2

Photo by Animal Kingdom Veterinary Hospital

Photo by Animal Kingdom Veterinary Hospital

Animal Kingdom is one of the hospitals that was suggested to me on the Facebook group and we had a very pleasant visit. The hospital was clean with no foul animal odors. They had CCTV cameras in every corner so owners would see what’s going on while the pets are being checked. I saw how the doctors treated each animal nicely and I got even more at peace to know that they have an in-house dog in the hospital!

All of their staff, including their doctors were very friendly. They were very generous in giving the pet owners the information we needed in order to take better care of our pets. Their services are a little pricey (lab tests and all) but I would rather spend my savings making sure that my pet is well taken care of rather than go to a lousy clinic with no help in return.

Cons? There is no proper parking space and it is hard to commute from there.


AK map

The hospital can be found in Juanita Building, Gorordo Avenue cor Escario Street, Cebu City. To give you an idea, Animal Kingdom Veterinary Hospital is a walking distance from The Golden Peal Hotel and Suites.

Contact them at 232 8002 or check out their Facebook page for more details.

Animal Wellness Veterinary Hospital

Rate: 4.1

Photo by Animal Wellness Veterinary Hospital and Clinics

Photo by Animal Wellness Veterinary Hospital and Clinics

Animal Wellness Veterinary Clinic is one of the most established animal care facilities in Cebu, known to provide quality healthcare for pets. They have cared for thousands of animals since 2005!

They offer check-ups, vaccinations, laboratory exams, dental services and many more! They also have an area for grooming.

I was told by a veterinarian that those grooming services that require a card that proves completion of pet vaccinations or clearance from sickness is very recommended because this means that they care for your pets. Imagine having to follow after a sick pet or an animal full of fleas? Yours will soon get infected if you are not careful.



The animal hospital is located in Banilad (beside Land Bank) but they do have branches in Parkmall, Mandaue City, and Dumaguete City.

For more information, check their Facebook and website or call them at Tel:+(63-32) 2688924, 3548919, 2604107. They are open from Monday through Saturday, 9am-7pm, Sundays 9am-6pm