5 Creepy Cebuano Urban Legends We All Believed In

Every city has its own version of horror stories that are often regarded as true tales.

I remember back in the days when texting was still new, my friends and relatives would spam GMs (group messages, in case you didn’t know) to one another to send updates on the whereabouts of Lily. Do you remember her, 90’s kids?

I could also recall being so scared to go out of the house because Lily might be lurking somewhere! Thank God we’re all fine. But you know what, Lily has not been found yet. I wonder where she is now.


Photo by Pinterest

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

Lily was said to be a witch who preys on innocent individuals who stay outside of their house at the deepest time of the night; midnight.

Some say that Lily’s grandfather passed on his curse to her. She then turns into a mystical creature by night as she searches for food to eat.

As early as 6 PM, kids would hurry home to avoid Lily. Were you one of us? I feared that she would take away our slippers so I would sneak out to secure them! Good thing she didn’t see me!

Because we were always updated about her whereabouts, we would feel safe from time to time. People wanted to capture her so bad but she disappears every time people would know where she was.

This legend reached the entire Visayas and Mindanao. The origin of the story is still unknown but this one is the craziest urban legends that us, Cebuanos believed in!

Minda Mora

Photo Courtesy: The Mark of Reason

Photo Courtesy: The Mark of Reason

A classic story that originates in the imagination (or not) of many Carolinians is this particular story of Minda Mora. As a former high school student for the University of San Carlos (Girls High), how could I forget the terror of her ghostly presence?

Many believe that Minda Mora was a student of the university but some say that she was a stage actress who practiced at the Cultural Center a lot. She was beautiful.

As an artist, keeping her skills sharp was her duty. She practiced and stayed late at night alone until some guards noticed her and took advantage of her.

She was raped and killed and was hidden in the room at the backstage of the Cultural Center.

If I remember it clearly, it was the only room  at the backstage. There is a staircase leading to the room which has been locked for decades. Ever wondered why they lock such a useless room?

Some say that she loved theatre so much that her spirit decided to linger there. I can’t verify this, but if you have been at the backstage of the Cultural Center, you would get the feels! We would try to avoid this part of the stage or run so fast to get past it right away!

Lapu-Lapu’s Monument

Photo Courtesy: Steemit

Photo Courtesy: Steemit

Did you know that the monument was cursed? That’s what urban legend says.

After building the monument, the Chief Executive of Opon at that time died just a couple of months after its completion. His nephew succeeded his post a little after his death, and died.

The next one died young as well.

It was believed that Lapu-Lapu’s arrow was pointing at the direction of the Municipal Hall. Soon after, the next leader broke the curse and renovated the statue. He led for 30 years.

CDUH’s The Orange Tag

Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

Hospitals are a creepy place in general. People die there every minute. This story is something that any of us might experience so ready carefully!

Once upon a time, a doctor at the Cebu Doctors’ University Hospital found a woman in the elevator, unconscious. She was beside a man in a lab gown.

The doctor quickly approached her and rushed her to the Emergency Room. When she regained her consciousness, the doctor asked him what was wrong.

She answered her with voice shaking, that she saw a man with an orange tag, standing in the elevator with her.

An orange tag is a label that’s clipped on a dead body.

The doctor went back to the elevator and the same man asked him is the woman was okay. The doctor responded that she saw a man with an orange tag.

The man laughed and admitted that it was him.

He was the patient that the doctor proclaimed dead earlier.

Robinson’s Snake Son

Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay

You are not a certified Cebuano if you don’t know this legend. According to some talks, Robinson’s owner, John Gokongwei and his wife gave birth to twins; one boy and one girl half snake.

For the Chinese, snakes are an important part of any business because they bring good luck.

With this story, it was believed that the family kept the half human half snake in the basement and kept on feeding them with human beings. She liked eating girls that go into the dressing room to try on clothes.

If there’s a pretty girl and she likes her, the floor opens which takes the prey to the basement to be her next dinner.

According to sources, Alice Dicxon experienced this back in 1980’s when she went to shop for clothes. The floor opened and the next thing she knew, she was already in the basement. Luckily, she escaped and made it on T.V. to be interviewed about the ordeal.

While she was talking, the network cut the show immediately. Alice was nowhere to be found. It was said that she was paid a huge sum of money by the Gokongwei family to keep her mouth mum about the issue and sent her to Canada.

What are your thoughts? If you have something to add to these urban legends, please do let us know in the comments below!