8 Tips to Stay Productive for the School Year

by Ann

It’s back to school season and we’re hoping you guys enjoyed your summer vacation (and that your summer outing actually pushed through). Students are excited to get back to the classrooms, see their friends, and of course, receiving our baon.  

The start of a new semester often comes with promises of better studying habits and being more productive throughout the school year. A lot of us find it challenging, but there are a few ways to help make your day to day routine more productive.

Here are a couple of simple tips to help you stay productive.

Shorten Your To-Do-List

Don’t make your day supper busy and packed with activities. Think “less-is-more”. Run through the things you need to do on a daily basis and prioritize the more important task like reviewing your notes and finishing your errands.

Breaks Are Important

Breaks are important because they keep your mind from become overloaded with tasks. Take a short break from working or studying. Grab something to drink, go out to eat, talk with your friends, or just take a short nap. Who would have thought that by your mid to late teens, you’d actually want to do something you dreaded as a kid.

Give Yourself Enough Time To Get Ready In The Mornings

Waking up and going straight to working or studying can actually burn you out by mid-day. Start your day by focusing on yourself. Eat a good breakfast, read up on the news, work out, or meditate. This lets you start your day feeling energized and ready.

Take Time To Prep For School

Have all the things you need for school ready, in your bag, the night before. This saves you so much time in the morning and you won’t have to spend so much time looking for the things you need. This also minimizes the chances of you forgetting important items that you’re supposed to bring to school.

Create A Schedule

Creating a schedule is simple. After all, you already know when your classes start and end. Sticking to your schedule is a different story. You might easily get distracted with how you spend your free time. Resist the urge to waste your break periods. Instead use them for something more productive like getting ready for your next class.

Stop Procrastinating And Avoid Getting Lazy

Easier said than done right? Although some believe that a little procrastination can help motivate you to finish your goals, too much will definitely stop you from being productive and can even affect your output. Also, don’t confuse productivity with laziness. So called time-saving methods often times results in you giving more effort on the task. You might think you’re working smart, but you’re actually just finding was to get out of doing real work.

Stop Multi-Tasking

Time and time again, researches have proven that multi-tasking just does not work. The main reason is that we just can’t divide our focus on multiple task. Doing 5 things at the same time will cause you to lose focus on what you’re doing. Take things on one by one and become productive and efficient in your task.

Have A Go-To Place To Study Or Plan For School Work

Sure the school library gives you all you need for a study session, but most of students would look for a place outside school to meet up. A place where you can rely on that has all the things you need for a study session or a brainstorming meeting. A quiet place with coffee, food, internet, and enough charging ports for your gadgets.  

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