Akutsu Cebu Observatory – Cebu’s First Astronomical Observatory

Did you know that Cebu is one of the best places in the world for astronomical observations? Because of its geographical location, the island is a favored location that is conducive to collecting valuable data, capturing changes and forms, as well as observing planetary movements.

According to planet observer Tomio Akutsu, who has been to observatories in New Zealand, Hawaii, Indonesia, China, and Thailand, at 10.33 degrees north latitude, the tropical island of Cebu is completely free of the effects of the jet stream flowing into the Northern Hemisphere, with only trade winds flowing from east to west—making it a perfect place to capture stars and planets with a clear and unshaken image!

Unfortunately, Cebuanos have very limited opportunities to experience these astronomical activities because we don’t have high-end observatories like that of the Royal Observatory in London, Paranal Observatory in Chile, and Sydney Observatory in Australia, which are capable of in-depth observations for gathering data on how stars and galaxies are formed—thereby providing insights on the origin and evolution of the universe.

However, what we lack in facilities, we compensate with effort and dedication from people who are so invested in this venture—in hopes of inspiring the youth to pursue studies in astronomy and helping provide answers to the many mysteries of the universe.

Love Stargazing? Then Make Sure to Visit the First Astronomical Observatory in Cebu!

Wait, what? We do have an observatory in Cebu City?!

Yes! On March 4, 2023, the Akutsu Cebu Observatory (Cebu Astronomical Observatory) will be made open to the public. This is the first astronomical observatory in Cebu that people can easily access.

Akutsu Cebu Observatory houses one of the largest telescopes in the Philippines—the 18’’ Newtonian Telescope—which is perfect for planetary and deep-sky object observation. Hence, for those who are interested in viewing the night sky or doing deep-sky or planetary astrophotography, this place is a real must-visit!

Through the efforts of Sir Tomio Akutsu, astronomer Christopher Go, and other astronomy enthusiasts, the Akutsu Cebu Observatory was realized and is now open to those who love to wonder and wander the night sky. Also adjacent to the observatory is the Astro Café and Restaurant, which serves great food and beverages that visitors can enjoy while looking the night sky.

Akutsu Cebu Observatory is located at Sudlon 2 Road, Sitio Lubo, Bonbon, Cebu City. Starting March 5, 2023, the observatory is open for planetary astrophotography and night sky viewing from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. If you are one of those curious kids who have always been fascinated with the enormity of the universe, don’t miss this chance to visit Cebu’s very first observatory. Message Akutsu Cebu Observatory on Facebook now if you are interested in stargazing and observing planetary movements. Equipment is also available to those who want to experience and try firsthand deep sky or planetary astrophotography.