Angus Dan’s Steaks & Seafoods Review – A Mixed Bag

This day has been quite an adventure for my family to say the least! I took the kids and the wifey to Good Shepherd in Banawa Hills for the first time to fly the drone, enjoy the fresh air, the view and of course run wild and free for awhile. That part of our day ended up with my daughter on my arms going downhill in pitch black conditions passing by a cemetery! Anya had to remind herself all the while to “be brave” which is the first time I actually heard her do that! Long story short, after our feeling “ghost hunting” moment we all had to refuel and ended up at Angus Dan’s.

The place and overall ambiance tells you right away the place is well maintained – I even thought they just newly opened which wasn’t the case as they’ve already been around for about a year.

Angus Dan Cebu
Angus Dan’s Facade.

The overall ambiance also tells you upfront that this isn’t your “everyday resto”. The on street receptionist and valet service option is a giveaway as well.

Angus Dan Interior
Our rather comfortable table.

On the entrance doors, we also saw a poster for a Chobi-Chobi restaurant which tells us this is owned by the same folks and I got even more excited knowing they do have their own farms to supply their restaurants (wifey used to order from their organic farm when she was into juicing awhile back).

Before I make this review too wordy again, let me cut myself here and show you what really matters at this point, pictures!

Note: We came in about 7:10PM and the place was about 50% full with a small gathering going on at their function room.

Inside Angus Dan
Angus Dan's Pork Belly
Big1’s order came in after 10 mins, the pork belly meal and it wasn’t hot – only WARM (I don’t know about you but we prefer our food hot). It was the typical sweet style pork barbeque we are used to eating just about anywhere in the city with dash of sesame seeds that don’t really add anything to the taste. Php 275.00.
angus dan steak
Since they ran out of the roasted bone marrow, we ended up with their Angus Dan’s Grilled Short Ribs. The menu says it’s good for 2-3 pax which “can” be true. I ate this with Anya (3 year old daughter) and we both couldn’t eat it all together with rice.

This one came in after 30 minutes and just like Big1’s pork belly, it was by no means hot – WARM would be the most I can give it.

This tastes great though! Reminds me of Viking’s own steaks if you get lucky and get the portion near the edges of the beef slab.

Php 1,295.00
angus dan beef steak
If you compare the overall presentation with the menu, there’s a noticeable difference with the garnish as well as the dip – we only got 1 dip with our order. The beef thankfully was spot on.
angus dan tuna panga
The tuna panga came just around the same time with the short ribs. Also equally the same, it was WARM at best. It was good though, a little crunch on the outside but soft and still a little juicy on the inside (how I like it). Not to tasty but the suka (coconut vinegar) I reckon is there for a purpose. Php 70.00 per 100 grams and this one is about Php 320.00.

The next slides will be featuring their overall menu for your reference:

angus dan desserts
angus dan prices
angus dan soup and pasta
I just realized they have pasta too. That makes this place 3 of a kind.
angus dan menu
angus dan roasted bone marrow
I have a feeling we’ll be back to try this out or get it at the Weekend restaurant someday.

The Verdict

Tastewise, the place was ok, not memorable like The Weekend Restaurant but it’s definitely not bad. The ambiance and most of all the customer service wins big time for Angus Dan’s that’s for sure.

However, I find it hard to get past the warm food that was served a little late (30 mins servicing time for me is very much negligible) at a price a little under Viking’s Buffet for each adult (juding from our orders).

I would say this restaurant would probably go well for a group looking for at least two things, quality seafoods and steak since I don’t believe other steak houses offer the same.

If you are looking for a memorable dining experience at a somewhat similar price point though, I would most likely go for The Weekend Restaurant or go straight to Vikings Buffet where you can have all the steak you want along with 99 other dishes and drinks.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to steaks, Acacia Steak House would be my recommendation.

Angus Dan’s Location & Contact Details

Address: 777 Jasmine Street Capitol Site (0.14 mi)
Cebu City 6000

Contact #: (032) 383 1925