Artist Feature: Nicebleed by Minoza Brothers of Cebu

Technology has become a multi-faceted tool, not only for communication and business transactions but as well as for art appreciation. As times changed, so did the medium for expression. Digital art has become a part, if not a necessity, in the current environment for entertainment, education, business, and social media.

Since time immemorial, the Filipinos have been known for our world-class artistry. And even in this age of technological advancements, with this digital art trend, this still holds true.

Nicebleed by Minoza Brothers

Here in Cebu, we have a great number of artists slowly claiming their title in the digital art industry – including the Minoza Brothers.

Nicebleed is a collaboration project of the Cebu-based artists, Francis and Laurence Minoza. It is a brand that has been racking up the apparel found in Threadless and Design by Humans.

The blood and sweat story of Nicebleed began in 2007 when both brothers were working in a photo editing company and discovered photoshop. They then started their experiment and joined the contest on sites like Teextile and DesignbyHumans. Since then, they became collaborators and partners in t-shirt design.

At present, Nicebleed is known for art prints, illustrations, and graphic designs that will literally transport aesthetes to a life beyond Earth. It has been noted for expanding the visual tastes of the audience by using newer forms of art – incorporating pop surreal imagery of space and astronauts in lush green infused backdrop or predominantly focusing on figurative dark and ghastly illustrations.

Nicebleed Merchandise

Nicebleed has now expanded its market by making available its selection of art, illustrations, graphic, and apparel design in the market. It has fused the creative minds of the Minoza brothers and turned them into apparel, tapestries, mats, pillows, accessories, and many others.

To see Nicebleed’s huge collection of digital arts and prints – or purchase some of the its merch – feel free to visit or its Facebook Page