Aspiring to be a Seafarer? Apply for the MAAP Scholarship Program Now!

Opening up a whole world of opportunities, more and more individuals are now enticed to become a seafarer and pursue a career in the maritime industry. Like them, if you are aspiring to travel to the different corners of the world or experience the growing improvements and innovations of the marine transport system, then become part of the MAAP Class of 2026!

All About MAAP

Established in 1998 by Captain Gregorio S. Oca, the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (commonly known as MAAP) is one of the country’s best maritime schools. It has been providing high-quality maritime education and conducive training grounds for cadets – offering bachelor’s and master’s degree courses in Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering.

The said maritime institution located at Kamaya Point, Alas-Asin, Mariveles, Bataan is owned and managed by the Philippine Naval Officers and the Mariners Union (AMOSUP).

How to Apply for MAAP Scholarship Program?

Now, becoming a seafarer will no longer remain a dream because MAAP now offers scholarship grants that cover not only the tuition fee but as well as board and lodging and insurance while enrolled in the academy – not to mention the use of modern equipment and facilities, employment onboard modern vessels of foreign shipping companies, and in-house shipboard training.

To qualify for the MAAP Scholarship Grant, applicants must be able to submit to the following requirements:

  • single male or female
  • natural born Filipino
  • physically fit
  • morally upright and has no derogatory record
  • born from January 1, 1999 to December 2004
  • must possess any of the following eligibilities:
    • high school graduates (old basic education curriculum)
    • college level/graduate
    • senior high school graduate/graduating student
    • ALS passer
  • reached minimum height requirement (5 ft. and 4 in. for male applicants and 5 ft. and 2 in. for female applicants)
  • has a GPA of at least 83%
  • has never been officially admitted to MAAP

MAAP Application Requirements

  • 2 copies of recent 2×2 colored pictures
  • non-refundable processing fee – P300.00 in cash
  • photocopy of Birth Certificate
  • photocopy of old BEC High School or Senior High School Diploma (for senior high school or graduate of BEC curriculum)
  • photocopy of School Registration Form (for college level)
  • photocopy of certification from the principal that you are graduating from senior high school or Certificate of Enrollment that you are currently enrolled in Grade 12 (for applicants graduating senior high school applicants)
  • photocopy of ALS Certificate of Rating with remarks “Eligible for College Admission” (for ALS passer)
  • photocopy of valid school ID
  • photocopy of the latest School Report Card with at least 83% GPA

Applicants are thereby reminded to strictly comply with all the requirements. Inaccurate or falsified records may result in disqualification.

MAAP Scholarship Program Application Procedures

After accomplishing all requirements, applicants must meet the following standards for admission:

  1. MAAP Entrance Test (inclusive of IQ/ Aptitude/ Emotional/ Intelligence/ Personality/ Psychological/ Neuro-psychiatric Assessments)
  2. Interview to be conducted by the BOA Members
  3. MAAP Medical criteria – which includes physical, drug, lungs, dental, laboratory, audio, laboratory, and visual acuity for far vision (at least 20/30)
  4. Orientation training for two months (April – May) inclusive of refresher classes in Math and English alongside semi-regimental training

To apply for the MAAP Scholarship Program 2026, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go through the guidelines and fill in all information needed found on this link: Online Midshipman Application
  2. For uploading of files and photos, please note that these should be in JPEG or PNG format, should not exceed 500KB size, and with no more than 1024 px in height and width. In case your file is currently not available, do upload an image with “not available” text.
  3. Wait for the email notification as well as the MAAP eTest Permit. The test permit will be issued within 1-3 working days for validation purposes.
  4. Click the link provided in the MAAP eTest Permit. Use your MAAP eTest Permit Number and Birthdate. Then register the other details required.
  5. Present the MAAP eTest Permit and Confirmation Receipt on your assigned testing venue on the scheduled day of examination. Note that examination proctors will not entertain applicants whose name is not included on the scheduled date of examination.
  6. Pay P300 for the processing fee on the day of the examination.
  7. Follow all the required health and safety protocols upon entering the premises and affix your signature to the attendance list.

For questions and clarifications, feel free to contact MAAP at [email protected]or call 0919-065-8757/ 02-8784-9100 Loc. 4000/ 4006/ 02-8527-2110 (Satellite Office).