Batchoyan sa Talisay

When the rainy season starts, my mind (as dictated by my stomach perhaps?) automatically switches from halo-halo to hot soup (sabaw). This will naturally come in all shapes and forms with ramen among my top favorites but with access to a local delicacy like batchoy, I have to admit the heart favors the latter.

Batchoy can be described as a local ramen thanks to it’s somewhat similar components and preparation. Although the batchoy does come with some internals for most and it normally comes with ready made noodles (as oppose to some ramen places that actually make them inhouse), the overall effect of getting that “I’m home” feeling that soothes not just the stomach and the colder weather remains the same.

Though in general, batchoy is eaten even when its not the season to eat or drink something hot. You can also opt for this when you are sick or simply just…hungry.

For this particular blog, I present this new batchoy place in Pooc, Talisay just across Pooc Barangay Hall. Whenever you see an eatery with big pots and lots of people lining up, even if you haven’t tasted it yet, you know they are serving delicious foods. When curiosity strikes, you would too end up lining up to taste test.

This batchoyan in Talisay is open on Mondays to Saturdays from 8 am till 7 pm. But you have to catch them early on Saturdays as they are only open until 12 noon.

Their batchoy comes in special, which is at 30 pesos, and regular which is only 15 pesos. So when you’re on a tight budget and is looking for something for something to fill you tummy, this one is a good choice.