Carnaza Island Guide and 2D1N Itinerary

📍CARNAZA ISLAND ft. Malapascua 🌴

Travel itinerary 2D1N

–From Maya port in Daanbantayan, negotiate with pumpboat crew on the price– Price is usually 5-6k.

Places to visit in Carnaza 🌴🌈🌤🌊:
🔸Skull’s cove
🔸Carnaza eco park (due to the weather, we werent able to visit the place 😢)

Budget breakdown for 11 pax:
💰Pumpboat – 6k cause we had an overnight stay and we visited Malapascua. 5k for day tour only.
💰food & liquors – 5k
💰vhire – 2,500 cause we only rented it one way. 5k back and forth. If you opt to ride a bus, the fare is about 160-200 one way.
💰entrance to skull’s cove – 200 per head for an overnight stay. If you’re plenty, you can have discount depending on how you negotiate with the caretaker. We had 5 pax for 150 only.
💰bus back to Cebu City-  163 non-airconditioned bus & 200 for airconditioned bus. In our case, we went to Sogod first to visit its cold spring since we were soaked in sea water. 178 each for our total transpo back to Cebu City.

❗️you can also visit La manok island & sambawan island but with much higher price.

Total budget: 17,359/11 = 1,578 each for 11 pax

Vhire- 09975892710

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