Cebu City Celebrates 80th Charter Day

If there’s anything that can top Valentine’s Day celebration in Cebu, it will be the city’s charter day. Why? Because it’s a long weekend, and long weekends mean lots of time for travel, rest and recreation!

This year marks the 80th year since Cebu City became a charter city. We have seen so many changes through the years, but we will always remember the day our beloved “Queen City of the South” was chartered.

Since it has been 80 years, we can expect the festive and colorful activities in commemoration of the Cebu City Charter Day. In fact, celebrations have already started! But before we head down and join the festivities, here are some things we should know about Cebu City Charter Day.

Cebu City was Born

Cebu was founded as a town in 1565 and was created as a city via Commonwealth Act No. 58 approved on October 20, 1934. The Act was authored by Senator Vicente Rama, the city’s second mayor. Hence, the City of Cebu we now know today was actually born in October 1934, and Vicente Rama is the father of Cebu City. Commonwealth Act No. 58 paved the way for the establishment of Cebu as charter city.

Cebu City was Chartered

Although already a city, Cebu was officially chartered on February 24, 1937 along with other cities such as Bacolod, Iloilo, and Marawi. The inauguration was witnessed by then Secretary of the Interior, Hon. Elpidio Quirino during the administration of President Manuel L. Quezon.

Cebu Officials were Sworn to Office

During the inauguration, then Cebu Provincial Treasurer, Hon. Alfredo V. Jacinto, was sworn into office as Mayor, and a few others as councilors, of the newly chartered City of Cebu.

City Vice Mayor was Appointed

There was no vice mayoral post back then. It was only on June 12, 1948, when the city was provided a vice mayor upon the approval of Republic Act No. 244. The vice mayor is non-elected, but was appointed by the president of the Philippines.  The city’s first appointed vice mayor was Hon. Arsenio Villanueva.

First City Officials were Elected

The charter was amended on June 7, 1955 with the approval of Republic Act No. 1243, which provides for the election of both the city mayor and the vice mayor. Hon. Sergio Osmeña, Jr. with Hon. Ramon Duterte were the first elected officials to the post of mayor and vice mayor, respectively.

City Charter was Revised

The Republic Act No. 3857 was approved on June 10, 1964, and this was an act to revise the charter of Cebu City. Under this act,

80th Charter Day Celebration

This Friday, February 24, 2017 marks the 80th year since Cebu became a charter city. It is a grand celebration. In fact, celebrations were started as early as Valentine’s Day with the opening of the Arts Week. There was folk dance competition, art exhibits, street portrait sketching, poem reading, and on-the-spot painting contest.

There will also be a civic parade, cultural presentations, and such other activities planned for the occasion. For more information regarding the 80th Charter Day Celebration of Cebu City, kindly contact CCTC at 6332-254-9115 or 6332-253-7817, or visit City Hall.

So there you have it – some interesting facts about Cebu City Charter Day. Go and invite your friends to come to Cebu and join in the festivities. Or better yet, visit some of the Cebu’s tourist spots. It’s a holiday after all, and a long weekend at that. Let’s take part in commemorating this eventful day!