Cebu Helium Balloon Ride – The Philippines’ First Balloon Ride (now defunct)

The Cebu Helium Balloon is an experience, I’m glad to say, we were able to do before it sadly closed about mid 2017.

No official word on the reason but if public opinion is to be taken into consideration, they say it was the relatively high cost of doing it. The prices back then were pegged at PHP 1,000.00 per head for locals (PHP 700.00 for kids below 12) and PHP 2,500.00 for foreigners (something foreigners didn’t really like of course).

However, given the cost of operating such a business, I reckon these prices are rather cheap or reasonable at the very least. When we went there, there were like 6 people or more who attended to us and that alone will raise operating costs regardless of the number of customers.

For those who haven’t heard of it, here’s how it looked:

cebu hellium balloon

Cebu Helium Balloon on the ground.

cebu helium balloon ride

Cebu Helium Balloon Above Ground (rising)

This used to be located just before you reach the entrance gate of Hadsan Beach Resort in Mactan. It used to have its own compound with ample parking and waiting area that can also serve simple snacks and drinks if memory serves me right.

The thing was huuge! Its diameter is said to be pegged at about 22 meters with a height of about 34 meters. It was said to go as high as 150 meters above ground but I believe we only went about 50 meters and boy that was already too exciting for me personally! My then 4 year old son and wifey did like it still at that height.

When you get even to a 50 meter height only, it feels like you’re actually in a gigantic kite! By this I mean you go where the wind blows and on that day where it was already windy on the ground, it sure was a lot worse 50 meters above!

It would have been a lot calmer if the wind didn’t change direction but it sure did that while we’re on top! That means one minute you’re tilting to one side and you can see the ground below you clearly (kinda like how Crown Regency’s Edge Coaster does). Another minute you find yourself on the other end of the tilt. I nearly fainted! hahahaha

Sure you can see the entire island of Mactan and the coastal parts of Cebu fronting Mactan) from that height but when the wind started blowing, believe me all I could think of was just to hold on to the ropes in front of me and not fall to where the other passengers were! It was just plain crazy really if you factor in the wind.

Sadly, this exciting attraction is no longer in business. I think it could have been a bit too early for the market but if it had opened 2017 onwards, I believe more people would definitely give it a try at least for once regardless of its price tag.

Were you able to catch this ride before it closed? How did you feel about it? Kuyaw kaayo diba? Or talawan lang gyud ko! hahaha