Cebu the Only Philippine Island to Make the Travelers’ Top Destination Choice in Asia this 2019

The world’s largest travel site, TripAdvisor, recently unveiled the results for this year’s Travelers’ Choice Awards. Destinations were identified and ranked using the algorithm based on the reviews, ratings for hotels and restaurants, and experiences for over a 12 month period since 2018. These destinations were then categorized into different regions – Asia, Central America, Europe, North America, South America, and South Pacific.

Among all destinations across Asia, the island of Cebu was included in the Top 25 Destinations for 2019 Travelers’ Choice. This small island paradise ranked 25th and became the only destination that took part in the list from the Philippines. Yes, you’ve read it right. No Boracay. No Palawan. No Siargao. Nowhere else but Cebu.

This can be attributed to the growing number of visitors visiting the island as there are hundreds of things to do here. In addition, having an award winning international airport gave an advantage to Cebu as it became a gateway in going to other islands in the country.

Cebu’s popular destinations included the historical and highly-economic sites found in Cebu City, white sand beaches of Malapascua and Bantayan, whalesharking watching in Oslob, hiking to Dalaguete, and diving sites found in Lapu-lapu and Moalboal. With more than 300+ things to do, almost 1,500 restaurants to choose from, and 200+ hotels and accommodation to chill with, it is of no wonder why Cebu was chosen as one of the best by thousands of reviewers.

Here are the other Top Destinations that made it to the list:

  1. Bali, Indonesia
  2. Phuket, Thailand
  3. Siem Reap, Cambodia
  4. Hanoi Vietnam
  5. Tokyo, Japan
  6. Kathmandu, Nepal
  7. Jaipur, India
  8. Hong Kong, China
  9. Seoul, South Korea
  10. Goa, India
  11. Bangkok, Thailand
  12. Hoi An, Vietnam
  13. Kyoto, Japan
  14. Chiang Mai, Thailand
  15. New Delhi, India
  16. Beijing, China
  17. Da Nang, Vietnam
  18. Krabi Town, Thailand
  19. Singapore, Singapore
  20. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  21. Shanghai,China
  22. Taipei, Taiwan
  23. Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara
  24. Osaka, Japan
  25. Cebu, Philippines