Cebuano Modern-day Hero – Pizza Delivery guy Raymond Papellero’s act of kindness rewarded

Kindness no matter how small can make a big difference in someone’s life. Especially for those who are helpless and the needy. ~

One man’s small act of kindness didn’t go unnoticed and many are inspired and grateful for his good deeds. Raymond Papellero is a 34-year-old Cebuano and has been working as a pizza delivery guy for 11 years in Manila. 

According to Raymond, he knows what it feels like to be hungry and have nothing to eat. When he was young, he said there were times when his family would sometimes go a day without food in their stomachs. So while he was at work he’d see some people on the street begging for food, and he told himself he’d help as much as he could. 

The Pizza Hut delivery guy has gone famous on social media, he’s known as the ‘good Samaritan’ who buys bread in bulk to give out to the needy and hungry on the streets. This was after a post was made by the owner of the bakery where he buys the bread to give out. 

Raymond said that it all began when he saw two children crying on the street during one of his delivery trips.  He then thought to himself that perhaps they’re hungry so he decided to buy some bread and give it to them. He’s experienced that same hunger when he was younger and he knows what it feels like. 

For a couple of days now, Raymond has been buying bread to give out to homeless and needy people that he encounters on his delivery routes. He makes sure that every piece of bread is distributed before he reports back to the restaurant where he works or before going home. 

Papellero is a father of three, his wife is unemployed and is also pregnant. They live in Mandaluyong City and like many other families, he is constantly trying to deal and cope with things amidst this national crisis and pandemic. 

Kuya Raymond still tries his best to provide for his family the best that he can and even tries to send some money to his mother here in Cebu. And despite all this, he still manages to share a little bit of what he makes to buy bread and share with the needy.

According to him, most of the people he gives bread to end up crying because many of them go through a day without anything to eat. And whenever they’d thank him, it’s heartwarming and really moves him. 

The gratitude that he gets from the people that he has helped through the days isn’t the only positive feedback that he’s received. His good deeds have gone popular and have been shared everywhere on social media – supportive comments and praise for his acts continue. 

He was surprised because he wasn’t really expecting anything out of it. Raymond Papellero just wanted to help in his own little way. When he reads what people are saying about him, he sometimes gets teary-eyed. We’re sure your family in Cebu and your wife must be so proud and grateful for kuya Raymond and his big heart. 

Some people have donated to his cause and during his latest trip, he’s given away bottles of water in addition to the bread that he hands out. And Pizza Hut recognized Papellero’s good deed by giving him cash assistance of Php 10,000 – this was given to him during a simple ceremony last April 15. 

There’s more good news and outpour of blessings for kuya Raymond though. When this good news reached the management of the Araneta Group, they rewarded him with a cash prize of Php 100,000 and was given to him last April 17. 

According to Chacha Junio, COO of Philippine Pizza, Inc., “Mr. Papellero’s generosity is very much in line with the Araneta Group’s commitment to give back to the community, and this cash award is a sincere appreciation of his benevolence”. 

The recognition and financial assistance for kuya Raymond are very well deserved. He also promised to continue buying and handing out bread to people in need on the streets. For as long as he’s able to, he says he’ll continue to do this every day. 

This is a very strange time for all of us. I’m one of the fortunate ones who don’t have to worry about getting hungry or worrying about my next meal  ~ and for that I am grateful. Yet it doesn’t leave my mind how some of our brothers and sisters are going hungry and depend on making ends meet on a daily. 

Those who depend on making money on a daily basis are affected by this crisis. What more those who already had nothing even before all this started. It’s heartbreaking to think about and reading about kuya Raymond’s little act of kindness brings me hope for them. 

I hope that it inspires others around the country and even around the world — that you don’t need so much to be able to share and make a difference in someone’s life. Be kind whenever possible. Help out when you can, because you may be the only person who does.