Colon Night Market 2019 – Deals Start from Php 20.00 Only!

I honestly haven’t been to any market where you can find this many non-consumable deals at Php 20.00! In fact, there’s this stall that sells whatever you need for 20 (including a Php 20.00 BRA of all things)! Checkout the Youtube video on this to believe:

Other deals that caught our attention include:

spongebob nike shoes x kyrie cebu
Php 1,600.00 for a pair of Nike Kyrie X Spongeboob shoes! These are of course knockoffs incase you don’t know it.
colon night market 2019 g-shocks
Php 200.00 G-shocks.
assorted watches colon night market
Php 100.00 assorted watches.
Php 50.00 pesos “reading sunglasses”. Is there such a thing? In Colon, it looks like it surely is!
Perfect for house clothing or maybe gifts?
More Php 20.00 clothing!
This one’s 5 for Php 100.00. Not 20.00 a piece. 🙂
Shorts with design is a little more expensive at Php 100.00
Sandals at Php 100.00
These caps are Php 100-120.00
Php 35.00 for customized wooden keychains and bracelets.
Engraved on the spot with a tattoo machine looking tool.
Assorted toys.
More shoes.
More clothes.
Even cosmetics are here!
Cellphone covers.
Even more shoes.
Jersey shorts.
Cellphone cover stickers.
Sandals for women.
Hair paraphernalia for women?
More toys.
More stickers for cellphone covers.
Socks and bags.
Assorted clothes ukay-ukay style.
Even more jewelry.
Kids clothes.
Even more branded shoes (replicas).
You get the point…

Of course Colon being the center of our island’s street food culture, there are plenty to be had along with established corporate food chains the likes of Jollibee, McDonalds, among others. Some of the street food we found are in the photos below:

Php 30.00 pesos fresh fruit sales are a big hit this night.
You can see ballot, and other street foods on this pic.
This is near the end of Colon Street, near University of the Visayas (UV) where you can get entres’ like lansiao and barbeque.

Of course when we talk about Colon and downtown Cebu city in general, the subject of security almost always comes to mind for many of us. That’s why I wrote this ultimate downtown survival guide so you can be better prepared. However, to cut the story short, let me just tell you that the night market is very secure given we saw a lot of law enforcers within the vicinity.

That said, I highly recommend you do check out this year’s night market even just for the experience.

I won’t recommend bringing kids along though as unfortunately, there were people smoking and I didn’t find anybody get caught for doing so which is rather unfortunate.

The market starts from the corner of Metro Colon fronting McDonalds as you can see below:

And it end at corner Colon-Mabini streets where the food only section is found.

The market opens at 6:00 PM daily and closes 12:00 midnight up until February, 2020 so you still have tons of time to get right to it!

Please do share your experience as well in our comments below.