I’m guessing you’re just like me. You most probably didn’t have any idea that this beautiful English-inspired estate exists up in the mountains of Cebu – The Terracotta Manor. What more is that you and your family and friends can book the place and have your exclusive get together there. 

Terracotta/ terra-cotta is Italian for “baked earth” and it can be any kind of fire clay/ ceramic pottery. They can be used to make flower pots, as well as bricks and sculptures. Whenever I see this type of clay, it always reminds me of the Aztec and Mayan civilizations, very flamboyant when it comes to structures and their accessories. 

One can’t help but take a closer look and be fascinated by the intricate details. Similar to beautifully designed and constructed English and Spanish homes like the Terracotta Manor in Sudlon. 

Looks like something you see out of a postcard no? ~ Photo from Terracotta Manors Facebook page

We can’t miss this gorgeous estate made of red bricks in the midst of the vast greens up in our mountains. And a sweet infinity pool for the family and kids to enjoy! You can just take a dip there, enjoy the sun and that refreshing view of the mountain ranges.

Not only that, I think it’s possible for you to book the place to have photoshoots for your prenup or just any type basically. Terracotta Manor can only be booked exclusively during the day as well. The owners do not allow overnight guests and entry to the house. 

Aerial view of the Terracotta Manor ~ Photo from their Facebook page

For day use of the place, guests can enjoy the pool, access to the poolside terrace, gardens and the open-sala that has a roof. The open lounge has all the things you’ll be needing on your little getaway there. You have all the necessities you’ll need to dine and cook your meals. The place provides tables, chairs and cooking utensils. As well as a refrigerator, cooler and shower rooms for the guests. 

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The rate for Day Use is at Php 500 per person, with a minimum of 10 pax per reservation. However, if your group consists of less than 10, you may still book the place for Php 5,000 per day. Children below five years old can pay half the rate. Terracotta Manor does not accept walk-in guests, you will need to reserve and book the place ahead of time. 

Here is how the view looks like from their poolside ~ Photo by Wendell Stars Contento

Guests can stay at any time from 9 am to 6 pm. However, it’s advisable for guests to leave when it isn’t fully dark yet since the trip back to the city can be quite difficult if you aren’t familiar with the route heading back to the highway. 

Note: Bringing your own food is subject to a corkage fee, depending on the number of guests. Better to clarify this with the owner or caretaker when booking the place. 

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How to get there

Terracotta de Manor Private Mountain Resort is located in Bonbon, Cebu City. It is approximately 19 to 20km from the city proper. The drive may take up to an hour.

The easiest way to get there is through a private or rental car since no public vehicle goes to the place. You may use Google Maps or Waze for directions. However, I guess it’s much better to ask for proper directions from the homeowners or caretakers when you book the place.


For more information and inquiries, you may visit their Facebook page – Terracotta Manor. You may also reach them through their mobile 0917 623 3307.

*All Photos used are from Terracotta Manor’s Facebook page