Doctor of Medicine Scholarship from CNU-VSMMC is Now Accepting Applicants for 2023

Being a doctor here in the Philippines is both a vocation and a mission: a rewarding and challenging career choice. Knowing the country’s healthcare system background, it takes a lot of skills and dedication for medical professionals to practice their work, particularly in rural areas with an obvious shortage of doctors.

But while many are passionate about pursuing this profession despite the challenges of the current healthcare system in the country, pursuing a medical course is also expensive. The cost of tuition, school fees, books, and other expenses can add up quickly and may become a barrier for some students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine.

Doktor Para Sa Bayan: Application for Doctor of Medicine Program is Now Open!

While it’s true that pursuing a medical course in the Philippines can be expensive, there are now options available to help students manage the cost of their education. For one, the Cebu Normal University, in partnership with the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center, has now opened the application for Doctor of Medicine.

This Medical Scholarship and Return Service Program includes the following benefits stipulated in Section 6 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations:

  • Free tuition and other school fees
  • Allowance for prescribed books, supplies, and equipment
  • Clothing or Uniform allowance
  • Transportation allowance
  • Internship fees (including financial assistance during Mandatory Internship)
  • Medical Board Review Fees
  • Licensure Fees
  • Annual Medical Insurance
  • PHIC Enrolment and Accident Insurance
  • Other Education-related Miscellaneous Subsistence or Living Allowance

How to Apply for the Doctor of Medicine Scholarship Program?

To qualify, applicants must comply with the following before taking the CNU College Admission Test:

  1. a natural-born or naturalized Filipino citizen;
  2. with an outstanding scholastic record from a four-year degree course (Baccalaureate Degree);
  3. had taken the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) and at least in the 60% percentile rank or better (Validity of NMAT result is within two years from the time of admission.)
  4. must have a good moral standing as certified by the university/college graduate;
  5. priority will be given to applicants with low family income; and
  6. preferably from Central Visayas (Region VII)

Qualifications for CNU-VSMMC Doctor of Medicine Program

Interested applicants for the CNU-VSMMC Doctor of Medicine Scholarship Program must submit the following requirements:

  • NMAT Rating (Scanned or Picture Copy of the original)
  • Accomplished College of Medicine Applicant Profile Sheet
  • 2×2 Colored picture with name and signature (scanned or picture copy of the original)
  • Transcript of Records (Scanned or Picture Copy of the Original)—Note: Average rating of 2.0 of all subjects in the Bachelor’s Degree and Certification of GWA issued by the Registrar
  • Accomplished College of Medicine Testing Admission Form attached 2×2 colored picture with name and signature
  • Valid Identification Card (Scanned or Picture Copy of front and back)
  • NSO/PSA Certificate of Birth (Scanned or Picture Copy of the Original)
  • Letter of Recommendation from either of these two references: Academic Heads of School Graduate/ Professional Workstation Head or Professor (Scanned or Picture Copy of the Original)
  • Good moral Certificate (Scanned or Picture Copy of the Original)
  • ITR of earning family members for the year 2023 or BIR Certification of Exemption (Scanned or Picture Copy of the Original)
  • Testing Fee of P400.00

Slots for the CNU-VSMMC Doctor of Medicine Program are limited. Hence, make sure to submit your documents before May 31, 2023, through this Google link here.

Sure, becoming a doctor in the Philippines requires significant time, effort, and resources. The education and training required to become a doctor can be rigorous, and the medical profession itself has its challenges and ethical considerations. However, in addition to the personal satisfaction that comes with helping others, there are so many practical benefits that come with being a doctor, which include a strong job market, a relatively high level of job security, and, of course, the ability to help fellow Filipinos and uplift this country.To learn more about the CNU-VSMMC Doctor of Medicine Program, feel free to visit their official website here. You may also directly contact them at +63998-589-3472 or by email at [email protected].