E-jeepneys to hit the roads of Lapu-lapu this 2019

Two months after its supposed schedule of release comes the arrival of ten e-jeepneys in Lapu-lapu City. According to the chairman of the Board of Directors of the United Drivers and Operators Transport Cooperative (Udotco), these modern PUVs are part of the 100 brand new units that will be delivered until May this year. It can be recalled that these vehicles were schedule to operate last December but was delayed when the cooperative failed to secure some documents needed by the Cooperative Development Authority.

Photo from Lapu-lapu City Government

Photo from Lapu-Lapu City Government

The e-jeepneys were manufactured by an approved supplier of the Department of Transportation in Las Pinas City. According to Mayor Paz Radaza, more e-jeepneys are to be released this month of February, 25 in April, and the other 50 by May.

The cooperative will employ 200 drivers who will work the nine-hour shift per day while the other members will work as reserve. They will receive a fix salary and will be fully realized once the registration in the Land Transportation Office and the issuance of franchise by the LTFRB are settled.

Just like the regular jeepneys, these modern vehicles will follow a budget-friendly fare close to P6.50. While many locals have given their initial views on this solution for traffic congestion, Arias believes that these brand new jeepneys will help may passengers reach their destination, encouraging more private car owners to take public transportation. They expect that commuters will take the e-jeepneys, rather than the tricycles that illegally deploy on the Mactan Circumferential Roads, violate the law, and cause traffic incidents.