BE PREPARED: El Niño is Coming

Ours is a finite earth. Despite the vastness of nature, most of our resources are nonrenewable. And if not taken good care of, its extinction may threaten our survival as well. On the previous month, Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD) once again appealed to the people of Cebu to save water. On recent record, the advent of El Niño caused gradual regression on the water supply of Cebu starting last week of February – losing up to 9,000 cubic meter per day. According to MCWD Spokesperson Charmaine Rodriguez-Kara, Jaclupan went down from 33,000 cu.m/d to 27,0000 while Buhisan went from 6,000cu.m/d to 2,5000. Because of this, people from Talisay City and some elevated areas in Cebu City like Banawa, Sambag 1, and uptown areas may experience problems with their water connections.

Water rationing may also affect Metro Cebu even if 69% of its water supply comes from groundwater sources due to shortage of rainfall and conditions brought about by El Niño. Studies show that lack of water – or worse, the absence of it – greatly affect human health, access to food, and survival of animals, plants, marine and human life. This is the reason why every individual must take responsibility in conserving water. Here’s how you can be of help:

  • Regularly check pipes and immediately report or repair if there are leaks.
  • Make sure to turn off faucets and taps after using.
  • Designate one drinking glass/bottle to cut down the number of glasses to wash.
  • Use pail and dipper when taking a bath instead of shower.
  • Turn of tap when washing, shaving, gargling, and brushing teeth. Maximize the use of glass.
  • Wash clothes at once.
  • Use pail and cotton rag when washing the car instead of running water from the hose.
  • When washing the dishes, do not use running water for rinsing. Soak pots and pans instead of letting them run as you scrape. Recycle water by using this to flush the toilet.
  • Water plants before sunrise or after sunset to prevent immediate water loss due to evaporation.

Always remember that water is life. El Niño or not, water should be treated as a valuable resources. We should not wait for our water supply to reach the critical level before we take action. Let us cut the unessential use of water and rid out of our wasteful practices.