Flood Safety: What To Do When It Floods In Your Area

Floods can be very destructive. They can damage our crops, clog up our drainage system, cancel our plans and worst, put our lives in great danger.

Japan has just been hit by the worst flood, killing almost 200 people. The Philippines, however, is not new to this disaster.

Flood water is dirty and life-threatening. If you have an open wound and you happen to get soaked in flood water, your health could be at risk! Not many recognize the danger of carelessly walking through the dirty flood water. You can get leptospirosis, which can be deadly if not treated immediately. That is probably the only problem if the water is ankle-deep. But what happens when it is more than we can handle?

Here are some safety tips in preparation for the flood season:

Stock on food and water

You may get stuck in your own house, office or car, getting help may take a long time, even up to days or weeks for some. If the flood goes high, it is best to at least have something to eat and drink! Before the rainy season comes, purchase a lot of canned food, bread, biscuits, candies and clean water to help you and your family get through starvation. If you get short on clean water, boil tap water instead.

Prepare an emergency kit

An emergency kit consists of medicines, bandages, alcohol, flashlight, extra batteries (powerbank, too), hygiene items, chargers, food, water, a radio and some extra cash. Extra clothes and blankets would be very helpful as well. Pack these ahead and keep your kit in a dry place.

Keep your family and pets safe

People usually forget that animals need protection in times like this, too. Keep them indoors, dry and clean to avoid getting infections. Feed them regularly and do not leave them unattended.

Watch the news

Whatever happens, do not miss out on important news updates about the weather. You have to stay cautious about what is going on and what is about to happen. Recharge all your gadgets and reload your mobile devices, just in case.

Do not walk around unprotected

Should you need to go out and find some help, make sure to be wearing boots, and a raincoat. Protect yourself to be able to protect your family. As mentioned, dirty water can cause serious infections which can be life-threatening! Avoid getting sick by wearing the proper gears before braving the floods.

Avoid posts, sockets and wires

As much as possible, do not touch anything that might electrocute you. If you are outside, avoid electric posts, live wires or anything that could take your life away in seconds!

Turn off power

If the water has already invaded your home, turn off your power’s main switch and gas. Contact your family, climb up to the next level of your home and stay there until you get helped.

Update your socials

People need to be know if you are safe or if you still need help. Social media is the most powerful tool for emergency situations like this so make sure to let people know what is going on. They also need to know how to help you.

Evacuate if you have to

In many cases, residents will have to move out of their homes to evacuate to an elevated place. Do this to avoid getting trapped in your flooded house! Don’t mind your things, your life is much more important than the things you can buy again.

Stay clean, dry and safe this rainy season! If you have more tips to contribute, don’t hesitate to drop them in the comments section.