Fly A Gyro: Enjoying Cebu On A Different Perspective

What is a gyro? A gyro is short for gyrocopter– an aircraft that’s good for only one passenger.

Photo from Fly A Gyro

Photo from Fly A Gyro

Cool, right? Can you imagine yourself flying up in the air, looking over the breathtaking view of Cebu from up above– as a lone passenger?

This little aircraft is indeed tiny, as it was designed for two people only; the pilot and you. What’s even more exciting is the fact that it is open, unlike an airplane where all corners are strictly closed– flying with a gyro means that you can touch the clouds up in the air, and the sky plays as your playground.

Fly A Gyro Cebu

An entire 15-minute gyro ride will be enjoyed by you if you book through Fly A Gyro Cebu based in Ronda.

Now that they have moved, they do not offer Oslob, Sumilon and Simala tour anymore except if you request so. The rate differs because these places are far from the runway (photos below). It would take 45 minutes to Oslob and Sumilon and 25 minutes to Simala.

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Photo from Fly A Gyro

Photo from Fly A Gyro

Photo from Fly A Gyro

Photo from Fly A Gyro

Photo from Fly A Gyro

Photo from Fly A Gyro

Photo from Fly A Gyro

Photo from Fly A Gyro

These photos were captured on a regular Fly A Gyro day! If you want a new angle for your Instagram photos, flying up would be an exciting journey!

There is so much more than taking amazing photos from the air– it is the experience itself. Also, you can never have enough (amusing) memories to share with your kids and your grandkids!

This whole process will also broaden your perspective about the beauty of Cebu. Although we know this already, we haven’t really seen everything yet. Be your own drone and fly over to the luscious southern Cebu.


The rate for a 10-minute air ride is 2,200 pesos and 2,700 for 15 minutes. They do not accept walk-ins so you better book a reservation before coming! A passenger should weigh 100kg or less for safety purposes.


From Ronda, you will be taken to see Pescador Island in Moalboal, Panagsama Beach and White Beach, then back to Ronda. On the way back, you will be given a chance to try to control the aircraft but of course, with the supervision of a licensed pilot.

If you request, they can take you to see Lusno Falls, Kawasan Falls, Osmena Peak and more. But of course, that pay will be much more expensive.

Safety Tips

For a safe trip, wear comfortable clothes and make sure that you are covered. Wear sneakers and not sandals or slippers to avoid footwear from falling. Also, if you wish to take photographs, make sure to secure your camera. Attach your device to a sling that you can wear to make sure it won’t fly away. And lastly, enjoy. Don’t worry too much because this adventure is for you to cherish. And, it is safe!

How to get there

gyro map

Fly A Gyro is currently located in Three Thirty Airstrip in Ronda, Cebu, between Dumanjug and Moalboal. To get there from Cebu City, you will have to take a bus from the South Bus Terminal to Ronda. 

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Get off at the town to take a habal-habal to Fly A Gyro. For more information, please contact them directly through [email protected] and 0977-195-2124. They also have social media accounts that you may follow. Facebook: Fly A Gyro Cebu and Instagram: Fly A Gyro Cebu. They are open from 8AM-5PM, daily, but no flights on rainy days or on any threatening conditions.