Food Review: Timo’s Cheesy CHEETOS Halo Halo– Yay Or Nay?

Before this post, I wrote a Monbis’ review based on my experience when I tried it for the first time. I didn’t like it. I was disappointed and craved for Melton’s Halo Halo instead. My boyfriend and I were about to go there when we passed by this new commercial area in Punta Princessa.

We went inside, I looked at the menu and was happy to see a very uncommon flavor: CHEETOS HALO HALO. I ordered it but it was not available. They had other yummy flavors so I got Mango Float instead.


Let’s talk about this one first. I love mangoes. And Mango Float Halo Halo is just my default flavor when it’s available. It did not disappoint. The flavors were all coming together, no sour mangoes, no overly-sweetened milk, finely shaved ice, very cold, and sweet but not too sweet.

It was the right blend for my tastebuds.

To tell you honestly, I am not a fan of sweets because my tonsils are sensitive (boo) so I am always careful not to eat too much of it. But Timo’s is insanely good.

The halo-halo was made of shaved ice (similar to Monbis’), mango ice cream, grahams and mangoes. That simple. No extra toppings, just that! The serving is very good for the price of 75 pesos. I finished the entire thing without my tonsils complaining. How is that possible, TIMO?


My boyfriend and I were really delighted with our orders and I guess the owner saw that, because we were treated with their warm brownie cup!

The warm brownie cup is basically just a warm brownie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Same with their halo-halo, their brownie didn’t irritate my tonsils which is a good sign. I like how they can make sweet treats not too sweet, but not bland. Just right. I only had a few bites because my boyfriend is a chocolate monster.

Anyway, we really had a great time there but I couldn’t stop thinking about their CHEETOS halo halo! So we went back the next day! (My boyfriend went back the following day so that’s 3x in a row!) 😉


I was really happy when the Cheetos halo halo arrived on our table. It looked so cute and cheesy. Honestly, I was hesitant to try it at first because Cheetos is good on its own, and so is their halo halo, but together?

But since we were already there, my boyfriend took the first bite and can you guess what happened next? I took some pictures, put down the camera and started praising it!

It was made up of shaved ice and vanilla ice cream topped with cheese bits and crushed Cheetos. There is also come cake at the base which I didn’t like so much because it became too mushy.

The Cheetos added texture and a kick of the delight’s sweetness which is very different from the usual treat that we know of. The cheese bits also helped balance the flavors. I finished the whole thing because it was really good!


They also have the traditional halo-halo 🙂


  • Shaved ice is perfectly flavored
  • They have fresh flavors but also serve the classic halo halo
  • Ice cream is very creamy, not too sweet. (good choice)
  • The store is very simple! The design is nice, plain yet clean. They have plants, too.
  • Accommodating staff and owner is very nice.
  • They sit ride beside 21 South Burger (double win)


  • I don’t like the cake in the Cheetos halo halo because it gets too wet and soggy. They can take it out and the combination will be just fine.
  • The location. There is heavy traffic in Punta almost everyday so non-Punta residents may find it hard to commute going to the place.


timo map

Go to Punta Princessa via 12L, 12C. Get off at San Jose Bakeshop (across Lourdes Church) and then take a tricyle going to Timo Halo Halo, beside 21 South Burger. Their address is Sabellano Street, Punta Princesa Labangon, Cebu City. They are open from Monday to Thursday, 2pm -11pm and Friday to Sunday from 3pm-11:30pm.