FREE Bus Rides for Night Shift Employees in Cebu City – ROUTES, Details Inside

After the many unfortunate robbery and even murder incidents that has been happening to call center agents who have to be up and about during the wee hours of the day, Cebu City’s mayor has taken some steps to hopefully avoid such from happening again. One of these steps is to start on November 12, 2018 and it involves giving FREE bus rides to BPO employees and everyone else who wants to avail of the bus routes from 12:00AM (midnight) to 6:00am daily.

The initiative will start with 2 routes as you can see below:

Free Bus Rides BPO Employees

Free Bus Rides to BPO Employees in Cebu

We’ve taken the liberty to somewhat plot these routes for those who might not be familiar with all these stops and you can see the 2 routes below:

Please take note this is our best guess of sorts so, if you feel there are some issues with the route, please do note hesitate to let us know about it and we’ll verify and adjust accordingly.

Hopefully with this in place, we won’t be having any more BPO employees alone on places and times where bad elements operate.

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