Heads-Up TikTokerists! A Total of $2000 Will Be Given by DOST to the Next TikTok STAR!

Got a knack for making creative content on TikTok? Get a chance to win a total of $2000 worth of exclusive rewards from Pinoy Science DOST-PCIEERD and TikTok by creatively producing effective content, particularly about science, technology, and innovation.

Starting August 22 until September 22, Pinoy Science STAR (Science and Technology Advocates for Research) Camp 2022 will start accepting applications for the next generation of science communicators in the Philippines. STAR Camp is open to the public aged 18 years old and above residing in the Philippines who have active TikTok accounts.

Interested to Join? Here are the Guidelines on How to Join DOST-PCIEERD’s STAR Camp

In order to join the STAR Camp, applicants must create and upload a creative video with the hashtag #PinoyScienceSTARako. The introduction video shall contain and explain the applicant’s name, the science behind one of DOST-PCIEERD’s technologies, and an explanation of why he/she should be the next Pinoy Science STAR.

All entries are expected to follow the given format and should be made available to the public. One TikTok account is allowed to submit one video entry.

To suit the needs of the audience and the judges, reels uploaded must use simple words that can be easily understood. Maximum video length is up to one minute and thirty seconds. It should be shot vertically to conform with the smartphone screen format with dimensions/resolution of 1080 x 1920 and an aspect ratio of 9:16. Most importantly, the music used should be allowed for commercial use on TikTok.

The Secret Win $2000 and Become the Next TikTok STAR!

To win this contest, make sure that you have gone through the overview of DOST-PCIEERD so that your delivery of scientific knowledge is excellent (35%), and that the information you’ve shared is accurate (25%). You should also make sure that it is engaging, as creativity accounts for 15%, visual appeal is 20%, and online impact (engagement rate) is at 5%.

Among the applications submitted nationwide, only the top 30 entries will proceed to the semifinals. The announcement of semifinalists will be conducted online. All those who have qualified for the semifinals are invited to attend a virtual training and workshop for free to equip and further improve their skills and capabilities in creating online and impactful content.

In the semis, creative creators will be challenged to create content that promotes more DOST-PCIEERD’s programs and research innovations. Out of the 30, only 10 will move forward to the finals. The announcement will be made live via the Pinoy Science Facebook page and TikTok Live. The 10 STAR Campers should confirm their participation in the STAR Camp on or before October 19, 2022, at 5:00 pm. Failure to do so will forfeit their chance of joining the camp. Otherwise, those that are in the rank will be invited to join.

STAR Camp: The Finale face-to-face activity will be held on October 26–28, 2022. Pinoy Science will provide accommodation and food for all the invited speakers and campers. Travel expenses will be provided only for the STAR Campers. The final pool of Pinoy Science STAR, composed of five, will be announced on the latter part of the second day of the camp. The five best content creators will become part of the Pinoy Science STAR and will be tapped by DOST-PCIEERD to create content for Pinoy Science social media channels. Requests per content are bonded with the necessary honoraria upon completion.

Three Pinoy Science STAR will receive $500 in exclusive perks from TikTok along with certificates, Pinoy Science and TikTok plaque/badge, TikTok merchandise, and Pinoy Science and DOST-PCIEERD merchandise.  On the other hand, two special awardees will be chosen by DOST-PCIEERD for the final pool of Pinoy Science STARs. They will receive $250 exclusive perks, certificates, Pinoy Science and TikTok plaque/badge, TikTok merchandise, and Pinoy Science and DOST-PCIEERD merchandise.

Interested in joining? For queries, feel free to email Pinoy Science STAR Camp at [email protected]. What are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity to unleash your talent, win fantastic prizes, and make a difference in the fields of science and technology