Here’s How You Can Help The City Of Naga

If you haven’t heard yet, Naga City has been victimized by a calamity just recently. A mighty landslide took down many houses and lives in the area.

Today, family members of those who have died in the tragedy and of those who have not yet been recovered are in dire need of our support and attention. As we face this disaster together, let us not forget those who are left behind. They need our help now more than ever.

To those who are wondering how they can help, we have listed down what you can do for the people of Naga City.


Many of these people have lost their houses, families, and basically their entire life. How you can help them is by providing their basic needs to keep them from breaking down any further. The basics are food, water, milk for the babies, clothing, toiletries (including diapers), hygiene kits, and basic first aid kit.

You may leave these unused items at the City Hall Booth.

Reach out to the victims

This time is for showing support to our brothers and sisters in the South. If you have friends who are affected by the landslide, reach out to them and let them know that you are there for them. You may also offer help by asking them what else they need. Most of them are still trying to accept what has happened, so a good talk and a shoulder to cry on are more than enough.

Offer a place to stay

Do you have an extra room at home? You may offer this to a victim or two. This would mean so much to them given that they have lost everything they had at a blink of an eye. Security would make them feel a lot safer. Many of them may have PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as an effect of the landslide; having a safe place to stay might help them ease the stress.


Time is valuable. We understand that not many of us are capable of giving goods, but we can give our time to them. Volunteer in organizations that are in need of people to help them pack or gather materials to help on the site. I heard that the rescuers are not given enough time to take a rest or even eat during the operations, maybe you can help facilitate aid for them.

Spread awareness

Keep yourself updated by reading and watching the news about Naga City. Share news information on your socials to keep your friends updated as well. This way, more people would be open to helping the victims.


This may sound cliché but we all need prayers. Since we are at the more fortunate side, it is our duty to keep our countrymen protected and comforted.

Moments like this would require us to express sympathy over the losses of our brothers and sisters. May the spirit of giving arrive early this season and may the lives of the ones that are left behind become brighter tomorrow.