Home Sweet Home at Balai Café Plus

After a long hard day in school or at work, we all cannot wait to go home. As they say, there is no place like it. At home, you can be your own self and forget of today’s worries, and also have the luxury of simply waiting for mama to serve you with her best home-cooked meals. Balai Café Plus lives up to its Cebuano word – home! It’s one of those rare cafes that you look forward going to – not just to dine but to relax as well.

Balai Café Plus

Balai Cafe Plus | Photo by Rocky Charles Felisario
Balai Cafe Plus | Photo by Rocky Charles Felisario

You enter a 2-storey home situated in a modestly uncrowded area in AS Fortuna, Banilad, Cebu City. So you can definitely enjoy your meal in privacy without the hustle and bustle of city life. Just like a home, you have options where to dine and unwind. You can choose an indoor dining experience that is artistically furnished with rustic pieces of furniture and fixtures. You can also opt an outdoor experience in their well-lighted beautiful garden and veranda with old trees and ferns, enjoying the aroma of their freshly roasted Farooj Chicken — their boasted whole chicken cooked with various spices.

There’s more! If you want more privacy, they offer The Lounge, a room which separates you and your loved ones from the rest of the crowd, perfect for special events. It’s an all-known cliché that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so if it’s that important, why not have breakfast at any time of the day?

Balai Café Plus boasts of its brunch all day. It offers sandwiches, pasta, and a boost of caffeine – hot or cold, whichever suits your craving that day!


Balai Cafe Plus | Photo by Rocky Charles Felisario
Balai Cafe Plus | Photo by Rocky Charles Felisario
Balai Cafe Plus | Photo by Rocky Charles Felisario
Balai Cafe Plus | Photo by Rocky Charles Felisario

More than the presentation, taste, and price, what brings people to a place like this is the experience– the experience of being at home. This cozy café offers a menu that will take you straight to your comfort zone. Maybe a memory of your mother roasting chicken for Noche Buena or the smell of avocado toast your grandma always makes for you when you come home. Is it the fish and chips your brother steals from your plate, or maybe it’s the fun bonding between you and your dad while eating the home-cooked rib-eye steak you cooked together.

The food items are not carenderia-style kind of homey but are simple dishes made special by the aroma and the memories attached to the feeling of being home and secure. Food is definitely a universal language!

The menu is simple since they mostly serve breakfast food, but specialties such as steaks and pasta are also among the customer favorites. For quick breaks, you can grab easy-to-eat sandwiches and a to-go cold drink.

The items start from 98 to 795 pesos per order. Maybe a little pricey for a meal, but you don’t have to eat here alone. You can invite your friends to share a plate and also to split the bill (you gotta pamper that aching wallet, too!).



Your home sweet home, Balai by Café Plus is located in A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City. For those who are clueless, you can find the place near Oakridge Business Park, before AA Barbeque and Grill.

The café is where you want to be after work and you are stranded in the rain, or when it is a bad day at work. Well, even on a good day, there is always a reason to pamper yourself to good, homey feels! So while waiting for the heavy traffic to pass, take a turn to A.S. Fortuna, order a chiller to soothe and calm your stressed mind and enjoy your home away from home.