ICYMI: CebuDoc is 2018’s Most Outstanding Hospital

After just a year of assuming chairmanship, Cebu Doctors University has been awarded as 2018’s Most Outstanding Hospital – Level 3, Private by the Philippine Hospital Association. Last November 14, the hospital gained recognition for its continuous upgrade on its facilities, services, and administration to cater the healthcare and wellness of their patients.


Every year, out of more than 2,000 member hospitals, the Philippine Hospital Association chooses to award the Most Outstanding Hospital, Most Outstanding Chapter, and Most Outstanding Council. To be able bag such awards, member hospitals must undergo meticulous evaluation and assessments procedures, following the 12 criteria for judging: corporate social responsibility, excellence in governance, accreditation, infection control, disaster preparedness, green hospital initiative, social and sports development program, staff meetings, safety and patient care, continuity of care, patient engagement and education, and transparency in reporting sentinel events of adverse reactions.

Through this annual recognition, the Philippine Hospital Association aims to inspire other member hospitals to learn the best practices in providing excellent services, training, research, and governance to for the utmost convenience and well-being of the patients and so as attain the organization’s vision of leading, enabling, assisting, and protecting world class hospitals.

This achievement under the leadership of the new chairman, Dr. Potenciano Larrazabal, has inspired them to strive harder and gather more ideas for the improvement, not only of CDUH, but as well as of the other member hospitals. Recently, the hospital opened its Wellness Complex and Centers wherein the Center for Aesthetics and Laser and Concierge Office is located. They are also about to open the Center for Hyperbaric Medicine, Center for Dental Care, and additional parking lots to give more convenience to their patients. All these are aimed to provide the best health care services for the Cebuanos and all the rest of its clients and employees.