JUST IN! MILO McFlurry Now in Cebu! Price & Details Here!

Just as Christmas is fast approaching, McDonalds Philippines wants to make your 2018 holiday season a lot colder, and a whole lot sweeter with their MILO McFlurry offering!

MILO McFlurry Philippines

This frozen goodness is McDo’s very own vanilla soft served ice cream mixed with MILO power. And if that doesn’t get you lining up in the nearest McDo take out counter, then there’s more! This already delicious as it sounds treat also comes topped with MILO cereals for that added crunch and texture that will no doubt leave a mark if you don’t get your dental hygiene going after (you know what I mean…).

All this by the way can be had for only PHP 49.00 each (prices may vary depending on the branch) and PHP 52.00 for deliveries!

Other flavors for the season include Orea McFlurry as well as Matcha McFlurry.