La Vue Cabine – A Cabin Escape w/ a View from P1,666.00 w/ Food Only

Opening just this November, 2019, this cabin is sitting on top of a hill with an amazing view of the Tañon Strait with the magictic Mt. Kanlaon as the icing on top! If that’s not enough to get you to ditch the city lights for awhile, fret not because this place has more to offer.

One of my favorite experiences in the Transcentral Highway area is no doubt free in the form of clouds! Ahuhhh! You can get to experience foggy weather here to the point that visibility might drop to just as close as 3 meters!

Another amenity that’s worth doing while here is of course the bonfire. So imagine this for awhile, it’s going to be very cold at night to the point where it’ll fog so hard you barely can see anything a few meters infront of you, then you light your bonfire to heat things up with your special someone or the gang! Sounds like an experience worth talking about for days to come ain’t it?

But wait… There’s actually more! A dipping pool they also have! But… Please take note it’s not your regular “swimming pool” as the name suggest, you don’t come here to do a few laps of whatever stroke you need to focus on.

Enough said, it’s time to let them pictures do the talking now!

La Vue Cabin Dipping Pool View

La Vue Cabine

La Vue Cabin Toledo

Can’t wait to heat things up one foggy night!
la vue cabine kitchen
La Vue Cabine’s pantry and its amenities.
la vue cabine food
Just one of La Vue Cabine’s local Filipino food.


If you’ve gotten this far, I’m sure you’re dying to know the rates already, aren’t you?

Here they are!!!

P1,666.00 per pax or P20,000.00 per night for 7 – 12 guests
P2,666.00 per pax or P16,000.00 per night for 5 – 6 guests
P3,000.00 per pax or P12,000.00 per night for 1 – 4 guests (Mon-Thursdays only)

NEW!! P3,000.00 per pax or P6,000.00 per night for 1-2 guests (Allowed from Mon-Thursdays only)

Afternoon drinks – (sikwate/honey lemonsito)
Dinner – choice of 3 dishes, rice, fresh fruits and beverages
Breakfast – Choice of 2 dishes, eggs, rice and/or bread, fresh fruits and beverages (Water/coffee/tea)

50% Downpayment upon reservation is required a day before the scheduled date, otherwise your reservation will be cancelled.

Your menu should be set 2 days prior to your stay date – keep in mind this is in a rather secluded area in the mountains (no grocery close by, etc.).

There’s NO CORKAGE fee at all so you can bring your own feast here no problem!

No cancellation and no refund – please take note of this!

Check-in Time: 2:30 PM
Check-out Time: 11:00 AM

They have the following amenities to make your stay convenient and comfortable:
– Hot / cold Shower
– DVD / USB Entertainment System
– Chiller
– Dipping Pool
– Essentials such as the towels and toiletries
– Wifi
– Microwave Oven
– Oven Toaster
– Water Dispenser
– Card Board Games
– Astronomical Telescope
– Portable Lamp Speakers
– Camping Tents good for 2-3 pax
– Hammock
– Karaoke

How to Get There

La Vue Cabine is about 31 kilometers from JY Square Lahug via the Transcentral Highway. This should be about an hour of travel time if you have your own car (expect some traffic on the weekend even if this is the mountains).

The place is at the boundery of Sudlon 2, Cebu City and Pangamihan Toledo City. You need to drive to Cantipla where a signage going to the left (Sudlon 1) can be found. Keep an eye on the police outpost on the way to Cantipla as it’ll be your indication that you are nearby.


Best call them at
0995 746 4533 or message their Facebook Page: