Mactan Cebu International Airport (MCIA) Only Other Airport to Make it to Sleeping In Airports’ Best in Asia

First off, you should know that Sleeping in Airports ( is considered the internet’s authority when it airport layovers and if need be, sleepovers. They hold a survey each year asking travelers to rate their experiences in airport layovers using the following factors:

  • sleepability
  • comfort
  • security
  • services
  • food options
  • cleanliness
  • customer service
  • immigration

You can take the survey yourself as the 2020 list is already starting just go here:

For the 2019 best airport in ASIA survey, there are only 2 airport (out of 12 international airports in the country and 32 principal domestic airports) and among them is Cebu’s very own Mactan Cebu International Airport (MCIA) at # 16.

The only other Philippine airport on the list is Iloilo’s – a fitting contender for the Queen City of the South contender no doubt.

Our airport joins the the likes of Singapore airport #1, Korea’s Incheon #2, and Japan’s Narita #3 airport among others.

Full list of the best can be found here.

Of course using the same survey, SIA also has the worst airports category and thankfully, no Philippine airport has made the list for 2019.

With the plan of becoming an “airport village“, I have a feeling our MCIA will be putting up a much harder fight to be on top of this list in the coming years, don’t you think?

All Photos from Pitch Photography