Making the Best of Social Distancing – 13 Actionable Recommendations

2018 data shows that at least 71% of the Pinoy population (at least 71M people) spend the most time on the internet particularly on social media with at least 10 hours a day being online.

This fact alone makes our race the most ready for social distancing to help stop the spread of the covid-19 pandemic. However, I’m there are also many of us who have had plans to go somewhere or do something social during these days who are left blank on what to actually do instead. The suggestions that follow is especially for you arrange !

Try Online Freelancing

Quarantines, lock downs, social distancing, etc. The message is clear. This is the time to stay at home BUT how do we keep earning and be able to provide food on the table?

The answer might come as a surprise for most of you but it actually has been around for quite awhile now with Odesk being created back in 2005. Today there are an estimate 55 million online freelancers from the 3 biggest online freelancing platforms alone:, and

Naturally, online freelancing is not going to cut it for everyone but for those whose work requires a computer and the internet, most likely there is an online gig waiting for you. Best check out the 3 biggest market places mentioned to see if your job fits if not, you might want to explore other interests that are more lucrative in the gig economy. I will discuss more on online freelancing on a separate blog.

Learn a New Skill Online

This pandemic given its background as a corona virus shouldn’t last too long especially if everyone cooperates and follow SSS (Social distancing, Staying Healthy, and Stop spreading fake news). That said, what better way to spend your time unlocking a new skill set so when the dust settles, you can come out of hibernation declaring you’ve LEVELED UP!

Given we are now in the misinformation age though, you might be wondering where to actually go on the internet to learn updated skills that are actually accurate. Here are my best bets for you (but please do make sure to actually read comments and double check information shared on these platforms – unfortunately sifting through information these days is not as straightforward as it used to be that’s for sure):


It may sound simple but up until today, Youtube is still my first source of DIY and tutorial videos. A couple of tips to avoid getting misinformed here include reading the Youtuber biography, checking their follower count, and checking comments. Most often than not, the most reliable experts will show up high on Google results when you search for your search term (luckily part of Google’s algorithm).

2. Facebook Groups

This should be the most accessible to most Pinoys who spends the most time of their day on social media. Although the most accessible, this unfortunately is also the hardest to actually find quality and reliable information so it’ll take longer times to get to where you should be.

As a testimonial, my wife actually lost about 35 lbs in 4 months because of the Facebook Group that talks about intermittent fasting + no carb diet.

In my case, I have learned a lot from our blogging Facebook group as well as our internet marketing groups that I’ve also been helping and mentoring if time permits.

You can find groups by simply typing your interested topic on on that search box on the top of your FB app and clicking on the tab GROUPS like so:

3. Online Learning Sites
This one is the easiest to actually find reliable source however, some of them are paid. I’ve learned quite a lot from a couple of these sites when I was starting my online money making journey more than 12 years go. You can check these sites out:

4. Blogs

Blogs and bloggers come last on this list because they now a dime a dozen and most are not actually real bloggers and more so experts, most are merely expert online money makers out to copy or spin other people’s works in order to earn money – #realtalk.

However, if you do spend enough time searching in Google for the topics of your interest and you go through the bloggers author bios and verify their written content by say copy pasting a coupe of paragraph on sites like for plagiarism, I’m sure time will come you will be able to land on someone who is a true expert on a particular subject.

Videos on Youtube is just much harder to copy by these feeling bloggers that’s why if at all possible, and if you don’t know much how to identify the real experts from the fake ones, best just go to Youtube.

Grow a Garden

One of my dream by products of this pandemic is that more people actually start growing their own food so food security does not become a problem for most. I’m telling this to myself as well that’s why I’m taking the kids and the queen to the mountains to actually do offline farmville.

Spend More Quality Time with Love Ones

Another wish list by product of mine is that more people actually realize what’s really important in this life, family. I’m loving more time I’m spending with my kids who are of course growing up too fast.

Some of you might even end up contributing to what is recently dubbed the “coronials” – kids born after the corona pandemic of 2020. 🙂

Don’t forget to call and talk to your parents and grandparents too!

Read/Listen to Books (paper or online)

You might have books you’ve hoarded for awhile that you haven’t had the chance to read, read them now. If not, get an e-book online or like I personally prefer, get an audio book (I RARELY read).

If you’re curious what books I normally recommend to people they only a handful actually BUT read them over and over and over again. These books are (arranged in order of importance):

1: Moral Letters by Seneca (FREE Audiobook on Livrivox Android App). Putting the stoic philosophies of Seneca will make you feel rich NOW no matter your situation this I GUARANTEE!

2. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki – all formats available. This is the only book I’d recommend from Kiyosaki who made like at least 3 spin-offs from this best seller. DO NOT BUY his other books lol. This one will teach you the “ininsik” definition of asset and liabilities, a concept very far from what I’ve learned in Accounting at the University of San Carlos. I’ve read this more than 20x! I haven’t read any other paper book as much as this one that’s for sure!


3. Art of War by Sun Tzu – all formats (interpreted ones) should be available. The concepts here will go a long way in how you deal with just about anything in your life. It’ll also make you a better profiler of the people you meet.

4. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho – for dreamers, this is a MUST! This book I’ve heard 50x already and it never ceases to inspire me to go for it or go home!

5. Sleeping audio books – given I have an overly stimulated brain that is supposed to be put to slow motion via a highly regulated drug, these books have replaced chemicals in helping me go to sleep. All of these are of course FREE on Livrivox again. All Sherlock Holmes books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, books by Jules Vern, and of course Stephen Kings books (not on Livrivox).

Start a Blog / Vlog

For the creatives out there, write a blog or start a Vlog! Message this site if you want your works featured as well so they can help you grow your audience.

My tip here is to BE YOU. I’m sure there’s something about you that’s better than everyone else so showcase that instead of just copying everyone else out there (this is very hard to do these days for sure but try anyway).

Do Arts

Paint, draw, create something out of nothing, anything artistic will not only help you pass the time but you might end up knowing yourself more and that’s always a good thing. 🙂

Play Indoor Games

This is a novelty these days but is something my family finds quite fun when we do it. We are all quite competitive so the times we play indoor games usually turn into laughter from teasing and whatnot. Some of our favorites include:

4 of a kind color game (kinda like Bingo)
Rock Paper Scissors
Indoor sports like basketball and baseball (toys not real ones)

Play Online Games

I don’t think this is much of a problem for most menials and younger these days but I reckon I’d still put it up here so maybe the ones that haven’t given online gaming a try can find stimulation and maybe even learn a thing or two from it.

Binge Watch a Movie Series

Again another no brainer for the generation that does not want to wait one week for the next episode. We are currently on the Messiah series on Netflex, a highly recommended series at that.

Learn to Cook

My son at 8 years old can actually “cook” as good as my 25 year old self! Credit of course to the wifey for not just being an amazing and certified chef, but an amazing teacher!

This is a skill everybody should actually have especially men who thing it should only be for women.

Talk to Your Friends Online or Over the Phone

Take the time to call and talk to friends that matter in your life. Check on them. Share your fears, plans, whatever.

Connecting with people is a sure fire way of lifting our spirits up and learning a thing or two about their current situations on this ongoing pandemic.

Learn an Instrument

If you have access to an instrument at home, this is the perfect time to make the best out of it! Youtube is your bestfriend but of course patience and interest will also play a vital role in your learning process.

I can probably go on and on here but I’m hoping 13 recommendations should give you an idea that it’s not the end of the world at all. In fact, we can all be really productive during these social distancing times.

Of course if you have an indoor activity that you feel should really be on this list, feel free to let me know in the comments below and do watch out on my page for more educational streams to make the best out of these times! Follow me here: