Floating Cottage in Bantayan for That Budget Friendly Destination

Is it summer yet? Oh wait, it’s always summer in the Philippines! In this tropical country, it is a necessity that you take a ton of beach breaks in a year. In this heat, it is a total must for Filipinos to cool off. The beach does not only allow us to cool off, but it can also build stronger bonds between us, our families, and our friends. If you are looking for a budget-friendly place that does the job of cooling you off and making sure that you’re having a blast, you came to the right place.

MASFA Floating Cottage

Bantayan, Cebu’s MASFA (Marikaban Small Fishermen Association) Floating Cottage is a budget-friendly place that will ensure fun water activities for you, your friends, and family. Located in Bantayan Cebu, you are sure to experience crystal clear waves and fine sand seeping between your toes. If that does not calm your busy mind, I don’t know what will. MASFA Floating Cottage is the perfect escape from the bustling city of Cebu. Just think about the radiant sun, the cool salty water, and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

Does that make you want to pack a bag and head to Bantayan?


Photo from Jay Mahipos

Photo from Jay Mahipos

Photo from Jay Mahipos


Like we have mentioned above, MASFA Floating Cottage is definitely budget-friendly. Their rates won’t hurt anyone’s pocket. Personally, I think that’s their best selling point — the very affordable rate. For only 350 PHP per cottage (good for eight people), you get a beautiful floating cottage. You can now take your whole family for a fun day under the sun and not make a dent on your bank account.

Isn’t that amazing? Who wouldn’t want to take their loved ones on an affordable beach trip once in a while, right? And the best thing about this floating cottage resort? There’s absolutely no entrance fee! You can get in for free, all you have to pay for is a cottage.


Photo from Jay Mahipos

Fast craft from Hagnaya Port to Santa Fe, Island usually ranges from 165 PHP – 180 PHP, again make sure to bring identification cards for your student and senior citizen companions. Take note that an added terminal fee of 10 PHP will also be collected at the port. No discounts for students or senior citizens this time.

At Santa Fe, Bantayan, an environmental fee will be collected too. The fee ranges from 30 PHP – 60 PHP. For tricycles that could bring you to MASFA Floating Cottage, the fare ranges from 20 PHP – 25 PHP per person.

Photo from Jay Mahipos

Photo from Jay Mahipos


Photo from Jay Mahipos


Situated in Bantayan Island, MASFA Floating Cottage is an accessible place for everyone in Cebu. Getting there might take some time, around five to six hours if you are coming from the city. However, the mesmerizing island is worth the long trip.

Like many beach trips in Cebu City, this one starts at North Bus Terminal. From there, you can board a bus heading to Hagnaya Port, this trip will take about four to five hours. If you’re traveling with kids or people who are above the age of sixty, we suggest you take an airconditioned bus for added comfort. From Hagnaya Port, you can then take a fast craft headed to Santa Fe, Bantayan Island. This will take about thirty minutes to an hour. From Santa Fe’s pier, you can hail a tricycle to bring you to MASFA Floating Cottage.

So you see, although getting there takes a tad bit of time, the budget-friendly and beautiful island of Bantayan Island is absolutely worth it. As long as you use your identification cards for discounts, you’re bound to save some pennies. So what’re you waiting for? Head to Bantayan now!