Mayor considers providing FREE Vitamins, Flu Shots for Lapu-lapu City residents

Lapu-lapu City Mayor Junard “Ahong” Chan is now planning to give free vitamins and flu vaccine shots for the residents of the city as part of their campaign in fighting the coronavirus disease. The growing numbers of symptomatic patients in the city is quite alarming; hence, aside from the thorough information campaign done by the local government, the city mayor is considering this new strategy.

Based on the data gathered by the local officials, most of those who were infected with the virus show symptoms of coughs and fever. The city mayor believes that providing free vitamins and flu shots will work as an effective countermeasure for this problem – by boosting the immune system of Lapu-lapu City residents to fight off the virus until an approved vaccine is already available.

Free Vitamins and Flu Shots for Lapu-lapu City residents

The local officials are still studying this plan but they are already preparing to purchase these vitamins and flu vaccines once it’s approved. The main target is to give these to those who can’t afford so as to boost their immune system and hopefully avoid contracting the virus.

In a phone interview, the Mayor emphasized, “This will help those atong mga less fortunate gyud nga dili maka afford aning mga vitamins and vaccines.”

To date, Lapu-lapu City has already recorded 468 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection wherein 96 are confined in the hospitals and 244 of them are in the isolation facilities or advised for home quarantine. There were 19 recorded deaths in the city – 256 total for the whole province.