Mayor Osmeña To Build Call Center City In SRP

Call Centers have given outstanding job offers to the Cebuanos by hiring thousands to do customer service, marketing and sales around the globe–from their own city–above minimum wage.

Those who seem unfit to do regular office-based jobs (mostly undergraduates and elderly) are now able to prove themselves worthy to belong in a busy career world that can give them so much power, fulfillment and self-confidence.

Cebu City Mayor Tommy knows the importance of the BPO industry not just to his city but also to the entire country as well. So, he aims to grow the industry even more.

Last Thursday, March 31, 2018, Mayor Osmeña mentioned the dream project again at a press conference and said that he will push through with it.

“I’m very worried. You know what, the BPO industry is more important than taxes. The money there goes directly to the people, the agents. If you cut that off, the urban poor does not have their income anymore,” he said.

“I have not studied it but we need the call centers. And I see what they’re doing for Cebu, especially Cebu City. They have become our lifeblood. I’m pushing strongly for this Call Center City. This is the only real economic wave for Cebu City. It’s more real than tourism,” he added, in relation to the tax reform threat to the BPO industry by the Department of Finance.

The Call Center City will bring more in more investors in the city while opening more job opportunities to the Cebuanos. That should lessen the poverty rate in Cebu.

But that’s not it. He plans on building amenities in the new city to support the agents, too.

Some major investors has his back on this project and have expressed their support in building the dream Call Center City. Thousands of call center agents have also approved of this new project.

Among the exciting amenities are huge call center offices, dormitories so agents won’t have to travel far anymore, facilities to handle the educational side of the program, fitness gyms, restaurants and many more.

The project will also support those college graduates who will be working in the Call Center City find their way to earn a master’s degree, and undergraduates finish their studies. It’s a dream come true for most employees! Should they add daycare centers as well? We think so, too!

This is particularly beneficial to the agents who work day and night to put food on their table. We all know that working in the BPO is not a walk in the park. They have to deal with irate customers, unreachable quotas, and other personal problems. This project should at least lessen their worries and improve their lifestyle, agree?

Many agents are becoming sickly and unhealthy due to stress and poor lifestyle. Hopefully, this project will change that while bringing hope to our kababayans.

We do hope to know more about the project and see it becoming a reality this year, as posted by the mayor himself.