Meet Bethram Dacuma, QCC Contributor, Teacher Turned International Visual Artist

©Bethram Dacuma

If you’ve stayed long enough on our QCC fan page, you must have somehow seen some of the astounding photos shared by Beth Dacuma years back: the picture-perfect laidback life on the surrounding rolling hills of Malubog Lake in Toledo City. Perhaps, you’ve even made a quick hike or camp at Tagaytay Hills along with your friends and family members after seeing those inspiring images.

Like many, Beth takes pride in the natural wonders that the Philippines has. Her travel photos and videos inspired many travelers to set out on adventures not only to renowned destinations but also to places that are not often frolicked by many – to go where the locals go.

Unknown to some, Beth’s passion for educating people about the wonderful destinations around the country and how to be a responsible traveler stems from her profession as a public school teacher. But aside from making impact in the lives of the students she taught, she also brought much inspiration after her story went viral online.

What Happened to Teacher Beth Dacuma?

In May 2020, Beth incurred several injuries in a motorcycle accident. The said incident severely damaged her collarbones, ribs, and lungs. In a snap, her life changed – as well as her perception of life. “Any day could be your last in this world,” as she puts it.

But instead of succumbing and ranting about the untoward life events that happened to her, Beth channeled her emotions into creating beautiful artworks. Painting became a therapeutic exercise for the 26-year-old teacher from Toledo City, Cebu and allowed her to stay motivated in life.

Beth utilizes acrylic paints and stencils onto her canvas in order to create unique hyper-realistic painting of renowned personalities drenched in honey and covered with 3D bubble wrap. Knowing how fleeting life is, Beth chose to add bubble wrap effects on her subject to remind her of how limited our time is here on Earth – and how we should duly take good care of ourselves and never take ourselves for granted.

Some of Beth’s masterpieces include a reproduction of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Peral Earring, Michaelangelo’s The Creation of Man, and a number of renowned South Korean actors, like Hyun Bin, Park Seo-joon, and Gong Yoo. Once done, she then applies her bubble wrap technique on the surfaces of the portraits.

Aside from that, Beth has also illustrated Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray and Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift. Since then, she has been receiving commissioned work not only in the local scene but also got clients coming from America. Recently, Bethram has been recognized by Voice of International Professional Art Association, VIPPA in New York, USA and Art’s Hall of Fame in Guatemala for her excellence and discipline in painting. She also took part in the 2022 World Art Day Exhibition in India, International Sun Boats Exhibition in Egypt, Creative Uprising International Virtual Art Exhibition in the Philippines and Belgium.

Beth has been invited by different media outlets – both local and national – to share her story. At present, she continues to bring inspiration to the youth who wants to pursue their passion in the arts – and proving that despite the tribulations in life, it is always your choice to keep going.

Check out Beth’s artwork on her page and feel free to message her if you want to get a new piece of her artwork or if you to commission a new one. Like Beth, may you turn your trials into opportunities to grow and live each day becoming a blessing and inspiration to others.