Need Educational Assistance? Get P3.5K from DSWD

Recognizing students’ needs in addressing school-related expenses, the Department of Social Welfare and Development provides educational assistance to poor Filipino students. The DSWD Educational Assistance Program is part of the Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation – a package included in the Protective Services Program that gives intervention to individuals, families, and communities in difficult and vulnerable situations.


Under this program, elementary and high school students may avail the program every enrolment period (only once) while this goes every semester for indigent college students. They can avail the Educational Assistance by presenting the following:

  • Assessment Form/ Certificate of Enrolment/ Registration for the Current School Semester
  • Validated School ID
  • Barangay Certificate of Indigency
  • IF AVAILABLE: Endorsement letter from legislator
  • OPTIONAL: Social Case Study


Based on the announcement posted by DSWD, the following indigent students are qualified to apply for Educational Assistance:

  • Working student
  • Vocational and Technological Students
  • Students of State College and Universities
  • Victim of Displacement
  • Repatriated / Deportees Overseas Filipino

Where to get Assistance?

Aside from the DSWD Central Office, students who wish to avail this Educational Assistance may visit the different Regional Offices of DSWS. However, on-site processing can only be implemented by the DSWD Central Office.

When to get Education Assistance?

Processing of documents and issuance of Guarantee or Referral letter can take 45 minutes to hours depending on the client. Processing of check can take 3 – 5 or more days.

  • Bring photocopy of ID of student and parents
  • Bring photocopy of Enrolment Assessment Form  or Certificate of Enrolment/ Registration
  • Make sure to have all documents marked with CERTIFIED TRUE COPY
  • Place all documents in an A4 Folder
  • Submit to DSWD Office


  • Indigent students with no existing scholarships and have never availed any educational assistance are of topmost priority.
  • Deadline of Application: September 14, 2019

For more details, call DSWD now.