Nutella and Macha Pandesal? Check out these Flavored Bread Varieties!

No breakfast is ever complete in a Filipino household without the classic pandesal. This sweet Filipino bread roll is often taken as a snack or a pre-breakfast meal that is best enjoyed with coffee, hot chocolate, or anything that you want to go with it. Such versatility.

While the coronavirus pandemic has caused millions of unemployment among Filipinos, it also opened a number of opportunities to those who are resilient enough to adjust to this adversary. Just like Yna who pioneered those flavored pandesal that are now trending online.

Flavours by Yna

Flavours by Yna pioneered the concept of creating flavored pandesal by infusing delectable fillings and reinventing the Filipinos’ ultimate go-to bread for breakfast and merienda. Yna began with the famed ube and cheese pandesal and then added more colors into this flavored pandesal concept – red velvet, matcha, tsoko nutella, butternut and blueberry and cream cheese! She recently introduced the yellow pandesal which is filled with ham, cheese, and mayo and the white pandesal which is infused with strawberry cream cheese.

Flavored Pandesal and where to buy them

Sadly, the sweet treats of Flavours by Yna are only available in Metro Manila for now as it is located in Fortune Village 7, Valenzuela City. Nonetheless, we can already try some of these flavors in our local bakery. Here are some places where we can get this pandesal fix:

  • ShareaBread

Not only that you get a taste of their flavorful bread, ShareaBread also introduces the concept of ‘buying for yourself and sharing some to our friends in the frontlines of this covid-19 pandemic’. Whatever they sell, they match and donate it to the chosen frontliners of the day.

Available Flavors: Ube Cheese Pandesal, Mango Yema Pandesal, Choco Chili Pandesal

  • 7/11 Ube Cheese Pandesal

7/11 Philippines has also joined this bandwagon for flavored pandesal by introducing its purple bread in selected stores. It recently added a new variety which is the cream cheese stuffed ube pnadesal

Available Flavor: Ube Cheese-stuffed pandesal and Cream Cheese-stuffed pandesal

  • Bakeology Cebu

Bakeology Cebu has also created their own version of ube cheese pandesal and has been delivering this sweet treat through Lalamove, Grabexpress, and Angkas. For only P10 each, you can already get a taste of this flavored pandesal!

Available Flavor: Ube Cheese Pandesal

  • Mrs. Pandesalan

This bakeshop in Cabantan, Barangay Luz has also specialized their own flavored pandesal that you can now order online!

Available Flavor: Ube Cheese Pandesal (in various colors)

  • Ahl Richie & Ahl Rose Bakeshop

Yep, the flavored pandesal that you have been craving for is also available in all brancehes of Ahl Richie and Ahl Rose Bakeshop!

Available Flavor: Ube Cheese Pandesal

This quarantine season, our mornings will never be the same again. But with these flavored pandesal at hand, surely the gloom will be replaced with more colors. Have you tried eating these flavored pandesal already? How was your experience?