One of Cebu’s Top Finest Artists Holds Solo Exhibit at the Prestigious Art Elaan

Opened last September 26, Cebu’s finest artists headline Art Elaan’s latest exhibition. The distinguished contemporary art gallery, located on the 2nd floor of the Filipino Village of Ayala Malls in Manila Bay, Parañaque City, showcases the striking collection of Cebu City’s very own genius, Darby Alcoseba.

Themed Of Light Shining, Alcoseba filled his frames with light and enchanting visuals of scenic landscapes on a perfect day. Leaving no room for darkness to dwell, the highly-acclaimed visual artist rekindles moments of pure bliss that inspire nothing but joy and contentment.

Of Light Shining: An Exhibit by Cebuano Realist

If you need a breather from the demands of the daily hustle, Alcoseba’s paintings are the rest you can hang on to. The majestic display depicts the calm that is of the glorious landscapes bathing in glorious light – with water glistening with immense beauty, plants captivating in different hues of greens, and flowers coming alive, bringing much inspiration to these troublesome days.

Aspiring to illuminate some light to his audience, Alcoseba hopes that his craft may shed some ray of hope on others and promote goodness. “The world is full of chaos and adversities. Amidst all these, as an artist, my contribution is to create beauty, to be an inspiration through art—to influence the world to create while we’re living.” In today’s most uncertain and trying times, Alcoseba amplifies the message of hope and optimism—to see through the silver lining. Of Light Shining does not exactly pertain to the artworks on display but rather to the viewers’ reflections on their journeys whilst looking at the masterpieces.

As seen in his Cold Water Spring (Coron), Alcoseba paints the beauty that is Palawan – from its gradient blue waters to the rich texture and shades of its famed limestone formations. In Watershelter, Alcoseba creatively utilizes impasto in carving out multidimensionality—with flowers and sky peeking in crevices of reflection in the water.

Alcoseba hopes that Of Light Shining will cast two kinds of light on his viewers: one that is directly conveyed by his paintings, and the other is the role that the artist hopes his audience to openly welcome.

Along with Darby Alcoseba, two other Cebuanos get to present their recent works in the prestigious gallery that celebrates the talent and genius that is of Filipino artists. Also on display are the magnificent works of Jun Impas, including the Looking Glass – an artwork that takes inspiration from the classic 1871 Lewis Caroll novel – which figuratively challenges the viewers’ ability to think beyond what is obviously seen by the eyes.

His Lady in Red shows a maiden clad in red clothing sitting idly on a rock with the river’s flow passing right through her. While it may seem ordinary at first glance, the painting, when viewed more consciously, moves viewers to form motion out of its stillness. These amazing contrasts go to show the astonishing ability of Cebuanos to present not only an idea but to dwell on it and make an impact from it.

From moments of pure bliss to dimensions that go beyond the frames of the painting, Orley Ypon from Toledo City brings back the audience to the realities of life in his Couple and Hanky-panky. The struggles of ordinary Filipinos are painted in much-details. When these images get too heartbreaking to watch, he also presents the Lush Green Meadows and Ephemeral Stream.

Visiting Metropolitan Manila soon? Don’t miss this chance to bear witness to these Cebuanos pure talent and skills. Their exhibit is available until the 15th of October.