Plastic Barter Store by 12 Baskets Movement – Join the Fight Against Plastic Pollution!!!

Mid June, 2019, a store opened that will help a lot of noble causes including the fight against plastic pollution that will ultimately result in the death of our marine animals and food poisoning to humans in the form of micro plastics.

If that’s not something you feel you can relate to directly, maybe you’ve witnessed (and god forbid dipped into) the recent resurgence of out of nowhere flooding all over the city (not just in the downtown Cebu area anymore)? Plastic pollution on our sewer systems and on our rivers also contribute to such inconveniences that at times can even be deadly.

For the more kind hearted, this cause also helps in providing our homeless a means to actually get food, clothes, and even toys by making the best use of their time by helping dispose of plastic through the store.

Lastly, by supporting this cause, we also help our ex-convicts assimilate faster into the normal civilian life by working legally as hollow block makers.

For everyone else, instead of merely disposing of your plastic wastes properly which will ultimately still find their way to our oceans in one form or another, best donate them to the store so they end up instead on new infrastructure. Or best, donate them to the many homeless folks around the store so they themselves can also get their basic needs addressed.

What You Can Donate or Barter
The good thing about this store is it does not only accept plastic bottles or the more solid plastic products similar to what most recycling centers (timbangan in bisaya) accept, the store also accepts plastic wrappers and sachets – the ones that mostly clogged our drainage and end up in our oceans the most.

Keep in mind that all the goods on the store are donated so you can also donate used clothes, canned goods, noodles, slippers, and other basic goods.

Here’s the “exchange rate” for your reference:
1 kilo = Noodles
2 kilos = Slippers / Toys
4 kilos = Used Clothing
8 kilos = Rice / Canned Goods / Tumbler

I’m not sure why but I’m hoping used clothing and rice/canned goods will be interchanged soon.

Where is the Plastic Barter Store?
The store is on Mabini Street, Cebu City just beside the University of Southern Philippines – Foundation (USP-F Mabini) and very close to Cebu Cathedral’s Museum. Check on the image map below:

Location Map of the Plastic Barter Store

Location Map of the Plastic Barter Store by 12 Baskets Movement.

Here’s how it looks like from the outside:

Entrance of the Plastic Barter Store by 12 Baskets Movement.

Entrance of the Plastic Barter Store by 12 Baskets Movement.

To close, please join our fight against plastic pollution! Better yet, avoid single use plastic especially the ones that can easily be replaced by more sustainable alternatives like water bottles and food containers. WE CAN DO BETTER CEBU!