Reunion Tour: The Moffats Live In Cebu 2018

I am pretty sure that most of our followers grew up in the 90’s. If you are one of us, you sure have heard of The Moffats, right? Because it would be very unlikely if you haven’t!

The Moffats is a Canadian boy band that released their first country album in 1995 and took the world by storm!

Among their classic songs are Miss You Like Crazy, Girl of My Dreams and I’ll Be There For You.

After the band disbanded, the four brothers kept in touch with their fans by producing more music individually and even as a group through reunion tours. They have also released singles even after disbanding.

Lucky for us, the popular boy band is coming to Cebu this Friday, November 23, 2018, to bring their old songs back to life!

The Moffats Live In Cebu

The Moffats Live In Cebu

If you miss them like crazy, this is your chance to watch them live in Cebu! They will be holding a reunion concert this coming November 23, 2018, in Hoops Dome Arena, Lapu-Lapu City, 7 PM.

Ticket prices:

Bronze- Php 1,330.00

Silver- Php 1,865.00

Gold- Php 2,395.00

VVIP (With Soundcheck and Photo Op)- Php 2,930.00

MOFFATT BUNDLE ( Moffatt X + VVIP with Soundcheck and Photo Op)- Php 5,320.00

BRONZE 4+1 ( 5 Tickets )- Php 5,320.00

SILVER 4+1 ( 5 Tickets )- Php 7,460.00

GOLD 4+1 ( 5 Tickets )- Php 9,580.00

You can get your tickets here.


Photo by SM Tickets

Photo by SM Tickets

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