The Live Dealer Games That Are Offered in Casino Filipino

What Casino Games Can You Play with a Live Dealer in the Philippines?

Playing at an online casino can be a lot of fun, but some do not like it as much because they enjoy all of the ambience and experience that comes with playing at a land-based casino. They like the sights and sounds, but most often what is most appealing to them is the interaction with the dealer.

There are some who spend a lot of time at the casino. They have come to know many of the staff members there, especially the dealers who had tables where they play quite a bit. It helps to make the time more enjoyable because they have someone to chat with while they play. This is one of the big advantages to the land-based casinos, but now online casinos are recognizing the benefits and are offering live dealer games as well.

Philippines Has Many Options

If you are in the Philippines, either as a resident, they are on business, or visiting as a tourist, something you may want to know is that there are live dealer options available at online casino. You can play several different types of casino style games where the dealer is a physical person performing the acts that are part of the game, such as dealing the cards or spinning the wheel.

Many love this about online casinos, the live dealer experience has helped to make the game a lot more enjoyable because it offers a much more true to life experience like they would encounter at the casino itself. While that may not be that much of an incentive for some, it is very important to others. They like that interaction, that communication with the dealer, and these casinos in the Philippines provide players with that opportunity.

A Great Place Already!

The Philippines is one of the most spectacular nations on earth. It is in a beautiful location, providing a warm climate here around, fantastic beaches, great culture, and incredible food. It is truly a magnificent nation.

Cebu Province has become one of the most popular places for tourists for several reasons. First off, it offers spectacular architecture, natural wonders, and great places to enjoy the outdoors. Plus, there are spectacular beaches, and many enjoy the casinos that are available in the province. It has just about anything a person could want who is looking to have an incredible vacation.

While the casinos are great, not everyone wants to spend their time indoors playing in a casino. They would prefer to be out enjoying the beauty of the Philippines, and these online casinos offer people that opportunity. They have made it so you do not have to feel trapped inside when you can play your favorite games while laying at the beach or sitting at a bar.

Where They May Know Your Name

There are a number of outstanding online casino options available in the Philippines. Each of these provides hundreds of table games and slot machines to allow you to partake in the activity you enjoy the most. It is easy to register to create an account and to fund your account so you can get started right away. This way, you are not wasting your time getting started when you could be playing almost right away.

While there are a number of great online options, not all of them provide live dealer options. Also, even if they offer the live dealer, it does not mean that they operate for your game of choice, so how can you find out who has the live dealer options available for you?

The truth is that you are likely to find that most online casinos you visit in the Philippines are going to offer live dealer options. There are four specific games where you are likely to find that the live dealer is available. These include roulette, blackjack, poker, and bingo. These are four of the most popular table style games at casinos, so they are the ones where you are going to find the live dealer options the most readily available.

“Casino websites that offer live dealer games have been attracting more players compared to websites that do not offer such games. This has been very evident in the last 2-3 years not only in the Philippines, but internationally” says Harrison Newton, industry expert.

Still Great Land-Based Casino Options

While it is a lot of fun to play online, there is nothing like going to the casino. If you really desire the live dealer, then why not play at a location where you are guaranteed there will be a live dealer. This is one of the big advantages of playing at the casino.

There are great casinos in the Philippines. There are also great places where you can go that are not extravagant, huge facilities, but still offer a great casino experience. You may want to enjoy something that is a little more low-key, and there are several fantastic places across the Philippines where you can go.

You know you will not go wrong in almost any one of the facilities you visit, but here are four of the very best.

  • CF Cebu, located at the Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City

As mentioned earlier, Cebu is a great place to visit, and this is why it is not surprising that all four of our top land-based casinos come from this location. What separates CF Cebu from the rest is its focus on bingo. This is considered the top place in the country if bingo is your favorite game. There are other places you can go to enjoy this favorite of millions across the planet, but CF Cebu is the very best.

  • Fuente Osmena Satellite, located at the Rajah Park Hotel, Fuente Osmeña St., Cebu City

The Fuente Osmena Satellite is also in a great location, giving you access to fantastic opportunities to enjoy the city to its fullest. But, if heading to the casino is what you are looking for, there is great action here. Fantastic table games, including a few varieties of poker and you can play blackjack. Plenty of slots as well.

  • Crown Regency Satellite, located at the Crown Regency Hotel & Towers, Fuente Triangle, Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City

Located at the Crown Regency, this casino gives you a full experience with one of the largest selections of games for any of the satellite casinos. You can play poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and a few other great games, including bingo. A great destination for sure.

  • Mactan Satellite, located in the Waterfront Airport Hotel & Casino, #1 Airport Rd., Lapu-Lapu City

The Mactan Satellite is located in a fantastic spot, right near the Waterfront. In fact, it is right across from the Mactan Cebu International Airport, making it easy to get to. There are plenty of five-star hotels around, but there is also great gambling that awaits you. They have one of the largest arrays of slot machines on the islands and playing roulette at the Mactan is a favorite for patrons. Plus, there are frequently tournaments offered here. It truly is the whole experience.

No matter what you may fancy in the Philippines, there are plenty of opportunities for you to play your favorite casino style games either online or in a land-based casino. Best of all, you can enjoy the live dealer in both locations. It truly is the perfect experience.