Tingko Beach: Alcoy’s White Sand Paradise

To find a peaceful paradise within reach is synonymous to saying that you can fly anywhere in the world.

Cebu is rich in terms of natural resources. 30 minutes away from the city, we get to climb up to the mountain tops to see the stunning view of Cebu from up above. 4 hours from Cebu City and we have reached the tip of the island.

Photo by Chris Tine

Photo by Chris Tine

To veer away from the noise of the city from time to time is a nice way to relax the mind and go back to the state when it is just you and nature. No work, no pollution, no crazy traffic; just you and the waves of the sea.

We are fortunate enough that the sea is not too far away from us. Our waters are nice and cool, perfect for the warm Philippine weather.

The sands of our shores are famously known for being fine and white. We can take long romantic walks all day with bare feet! This experience for only 20 pesos is such a steal!

Tingko Beach

Photo by Glessa May

Photo by Glessa May

Southern Cebu is admired for being home to many enchanting waterfalls, mesmerizing underwater life, and remarkable peaks. But the south has its own beautiful share of picture-worthy beaches, too.

Here in Alcoy, the most sought-after beach is Tingko. It is remarkable because of its long strip of white sand shore. The peace and quiet in this place are also enjoyed by the visitors.

Photo by Garry Sagaldia

Photo by Garry Sagaldia

Aside from sitting under the shade of the palm trees, you can most definitely swim in the water and snorkel. In the morning, get up as early as you can to witness the sunrise. The sun sets at the other side so you better wake up early to see this view!

The beach is along the highway. I don’t know about you, but I find it very relaxing to be sitting in front of this gorgeous view while hearing the busy streets! I think it is my mind’s way of telling me how lucky I am to be chilling while others are hustling. 🙂

Photo by O'Neill Oo

Photo by O’Neill Oo

Tingko is a public beach with an entrance fee of 20 pesos for maintenance. The place is clean! There is a resort (Vona Krasna Beach Resort) by the beach but is very pricey. I suggest that you just rent a small room from nearby inns that are only 800 pesos and below for 2 persons. Comment below if you want a guide!

Location and how to get there


Tingko Beach is located at Natalio Bacalso Avenue along the highway, right side from the road if you are coming from Cebu City.

To get there, hail a bus going to Oslob from the South Bus Terminal. Tell the driver to drop you off Tingko Beach.

Visit the place during the weekdays because it can get a little packed during the weekends. There are different areas where you can freely explore the beach but as much as possible, stay away from the private resort to avoid issues. Enjoy!