Photo by Lanz Castro

Hailed as the highest landform in the island of Cebu, Osmeña Peak has become a primary destination for those who wanted to experience the beauty of nature 1,013 meters above sea level. For years, tourists and outdoor enthusiasts have been flocking this area not knowing that if they explored further in the locality, they would have doubled the adrenaline rush by trekking a nearby monolith – Kandungaw Peak (Candongao Peak).

Kandungaw Peak, or Candongao Peak as fondly spelled by many, came from the Bisaya word “dungaw” which meant “to look down”. According to the locals, Kandungaw became a hiding place of the locals during the Japanese invasion. The tip of the monolith is a vantage point for guards to give signal when their security is threatened. Nearby, is the cave where people hid themselves in fear of prosecution or slavery. At present, this almost 90-degree cliff still brings adrenaline rush to whoever stands on it, not because of the Japanese, but because of pure joy of excitement of conquering the fear.

Photo by Yna Marinay
Photo by Juan Wick
Photo by Trish Resaba
Photo by Trish Resaba
Photo by Beth Dacuma
Photo by Beth Dacuma
Photo by Charles Henricks dela Pena
Photo by Charles Henricks dela Pena

How to get there?

Map on h
Map on how to get to Kandungaw Peak

Apparently, there are two known trails that lead to Kandungaw Peak: Badian and Maloray, Dalaguete Trail. For hikers and adventure junkies, Badian Trail offers a four to five hour of tough hike from Sohoton Elementary School. While those who are not into hiking, the one hour hike directly from the jump-off station in Maloray, Dalaguete provides a track that is friendly to beginners.

Estimated Expenses:

  • P130 – one-way bus fare
  • P50 – habal-habal from Badian to Sohoton Elementary School (Badian Trail)
  • P150 – habal-habal from Dalaguete to Maloray Dalaguete (Maloray Trail)
  • Guide fee depends on agreement.


  1. Do self-assessment and be prepared with the trail that you’d like to take.
  2. As most parts of the trail is directly exposed to the sun, do bring a hat or umbrella. Armguards can be of great help as well if you want to maintain your skin complexion.
  3. Practice extreme precautions as the trail on going to the peak is a slippery and surrounded by steep cliffs on both sides.
  4. Bring first-aid kits. Better safe than sorry.
  5. Camping is allowed on the summit, but the campsite is not that big so avoid mass climbs.
  6. Bring enough water and trail food. Include those which are energy-rich and ion-filled.
  7. Bring your own trash and leave no trace.
  8. Enjoy!