UPDATED: Socially Distanced Activities We Can Do in 2021

Whew, now we’re down to the last month of 2020! In a few ticks, we’d be bidding goodbye to this year filled with sentiments, downfalls, fear, and much-needed resilience. Pharmaceutical companies were now able to produce a vaccine for the root cause of this coronavirus pandemic. And we hope that good news will continue to come as we end this.

With so many missed activities this year, a lot of us are already itching to hit the roads and go somewhere far from these homes that have made us captive for months of lockdown. The country is now slowly reviving the economy by easing travel bans. Health protocols are still encouraged and some restrictions are still implemented. But things are slowly reverting now to the ‘new normal’. Here’s a rundown of the things we look forward to do this 2021! Buckles up, mates.

Socially Distanced Activities We Can Do in 2021 Under New Protocols

Following the Omnibus Guidelines provided by the Inter-agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases, Health and Safety Guidelines Governing Operations of Accommodation Establishments Under the New Normal released by the DOT, DTI Health Protocols, and Local Government Guidelines, here are the activities that are now allowed under the ‘New Normal’.

  1. Outdoor Activities (walking, jogging, running, biking, golf, swimming, tennis, badminton, equestrian, range shooting, diving, and skateboarding)
  2. Visit open-air parks and cemeteries
  3. Authorized humanitarian activities
  4. Religious Gatherings
  5. Shopping
  6. Hotel and Resort Staycation
  7. Dining-out (including buffet)
  8. Spa and Salon
  9. Canyoneering
  10. Outdoor Adventure (Barili ATV, Danasan Eco Adventure Park, Carmen Safari, Bojo River, Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon)
  11. Visit Theme Parks (Anjo World, Snow World,
  12. Whaleshark Watching
  13. Island Hopping (Moalboal, Sumilon, and Bantayan Island)
  14. Visit the gym and fitness centers
  15. Dermatological clinics offering aesthetic procedures
  16. Pet grooming services
  17. Travel back and forth freely from other towns and cities
  18. Tattoo and Piercing

You may also check this link for specific activities and tourism related establishments that are allowed to operate in Cebu province under MGCQ.

Safety Reminders

  1. For those planning to go on tours, it is highly recommended to book tours with Cebu Provincial Tourism to avoid crowding tourist spots.
  2. Bringing of Quarantine Passes or Certificate of Employment is still encouraged. And curfew hours must still be followed.
  3. It is mandatory to wear face masks and face shields.
  4. Religious mass gatherings and other special events (such as sporting events/ work conferences) should only accommodate up to the venue’s 50% capacity.
  5. Age restrictions for tourists aging 15 years and below and 65 and above may be lifted in some LGUs under MGQC. However, it is best to coordinate with local officials for more updates.
  6. Those who have underlying conditions, as well as pregnant women, are still encouraged to stay-at-home.
  7. Most importantly, all of these announcements are subject to change depending on the status of infection in particular areas. Continue to keep updated with recent news and announcement by local and national government leaders.