USC – Best University outside Manila according to Webometrics

Earlier this month, Cybermetrics released the world ranking results of the different universities and colleges around the world. The Webometrics Ranking of World Universities is a ranking system based on the publication performance of the universities and colleges in terms of web contents, visibility, and impact. This was computed through the external links and files accumulated by the different colleges and universities. The objectives of this ranking include the improvement of the institution’s academic and research presence in the web and promotion of open access publication of global quality scientific results. This started in 2004 and has been updated every January and July of the consecutive years.

Out of the estimated 20,000 universities worldwide, the University of San Carlos ranked 3,502 overall but 8th in the Philippines and became the only school in Cebu that made it to the top 10 in the Philippines. Here are the other schools from Cebu that made it to the list.

8 University of San Carlos 3502
14 University of San Jose Recoletos 6123
36 Cebu Technological University 10439
83 Cebu Normal University 14998
86 University of Cebu 15131
98 Southwestern University Cebu Philippines 15842
104 Cebu Doctors’ University (Cebu Doctors’ College) 16394
108 Cebu Institute of Technology University 16704
169 University of the Philippines – Cebu 20033
178 Cebu Institute of Medicine 20430
227 Cebu Aeronautical Technical School 23137
251 Cebu State College of Science & Technology 24971


Here’s the Top 20 in the entire Philippines according to this research body:

top 20 schools philippines

Top 20 Schools in the Philippines According to