USC Student Tops Aug-Sep 2019 Electrical Engineering Board Exam – Full List of Passers, School Performances Here

Only 67.16% of board takers passed the August-September 2019 board exam for Electrical Engineering and of all those who passed, only 1 student from Cebu got on the top 10 this time around however, he did manage to take the top spot no less. University of San Carlos’ Mikhael Glen Borja Lataza is this board exam’s 1st placer.

Cebu Institute of Technology – University (CIT-U) had the most number of takers with 97 and a passing rate of 62.89% – just a little bit lower than the national passing percentage.

Cebu Technological University – Main then follows with 77 takers, 59.74% of which passed.

University of Cebu’s 70 takers on the other hand resulted in 22 successful examines or a 31.43% passing rate. UC-LM however ended up next to USC’s 93.33% (15 takers) with an 84.62% passing rate from 13 takers.

UV Cebu City only had 9 takers that resulted in 6 passers.

More details on the performance of other schools can be found here.

List of all passers below here: