Get intimate with your loved ones or with friends and family in this pleasantly comfortable hotel in Alcoy — Villa Rosa.  Meet the top ranking resort according to TripAdvisor travel reviews; defeating the likes of Abaca Resort and Shangri-la. Now that’s something worth checking out, right?

Photo from Villa Rosa


The place is perfect for tourists traveling in big groups and want privacy. The villa is a small hidden treasure, with three large bedrooms and a very inviting swimming pool – which you wouldn’t have to worry about sharing with a lot of other people.

Photo by @kwenidawn (IG)
Photo by @kwenidawn (IG)


For those who love gazing at nature’s beauty and watching the sun rise and set, guaranteed you’ll love this villa. Be one with the sun, sea and sky and enjoy yummy good food while you’re at it.


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Villa Rosa
Villa Rosa is owned by a German family and is well maintained with a pleasant family atmosphere, far away from mass tourism. With a large living room and an open kitchen, you can lounge and watch a movie or observe how the staff freshly prepares your food.


Screengrab from Tripadvisor
Screengrab from Tripadvisor

Travellers’ Reviews

Screengrab from Tripadvisor
Traveler’s review on Villa Rosa. Screengrab from Tripadvisor
Traveler's review on Villa Rosa. Screengrab from Villa Rosa
Traveler’s review on Villa Rosa. Screengrab from Tripadvisor.
Traveler's review on Villa Rosa. Screengrab from Villa Rosa
Traveler’s review on Villa Rosa. Screengrab from Villa Rosa


1 double room for 1 night (2 persons without breakfast) – PHP 2,800

1 double room for 1 night (2 persons with breakfast) – PHP 3,500



Facilities & Amenities

  • Free Parking
  • Wi-Fi
  • Swimming pool
  • Wellness and spa
  • Fitness gym
  • Snorkeling
  • Tours (Whale sharks, Waterfalls, White-sand beaches and other Tourist spots)
  • Hiking
  • Relax by the beach house
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Access to TV/ DVD
  • Airport Transport
  • Room Service
  • Fully air-conditioned rooms
  • Hot/ cold shower
  • Laundry Service





When you choose to stay in Villa Rosa while exploring Alcoy, you get to have exclusivity when it comes to the amenities plus you get to enjoy the gift of nature peacefully. The place is all about relaxation, “me time”, bonding with family and friends and discovering the deep blue through diving and snorkeling.

How to get there

Exact address is at Brgy. AtabayAlcoy, Cebu 6023, Philippines. 

Villa Rosa is located 108km in distance from the Mactan Cebu International Airport.

SHUTTLE: You may contact the hotel to arrange for pick up from the airport/ city.

CAR: The drive from the airport will take approximately 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on traffic. If you’re driving from Cebu City, you will drive through some other towns – Naga, Minglanilla, San Fernando, Sibonga, Carcar, Argao, Dalaguete and then Alcoy. When you get to Alcoy, get past the mining corporation as well as the municipal and the market. A few meters ahead, you’ll see the pink street sign, located at the highway on the right side near the yellow KM stone no. 93. At the street sign for Villa Rosa, you have to turn left from the highway, ride through Brgy. Atabay and follow the unpaved road straight until the end.   Then you’ll see the main gate of Villa Rosa.

BUS: Take a bus to Oslob from the South Bus terminal (Cebu City), and then ask to be dropped off at Alcoy. Then look for a habal-habal or tricycle that will take you to Villa Rosa. The fare for habal-habal/ tricycle is only below 50 pesos.

For more updates, you may visit Villa Rosa’s Facebook page or their website. You may also contact them for reservations at +639173165171.

**Photos with no caption are from their Facebook Page.