Wanna learn archery? Start training at WILD BOW SM SEASIDE!

Are you a frustrated archer? Are you dreaming of becoming a skilled marksman like Katniss Everdeen of Hunger Games or Miya of Mobile Legends? Now, you can live out those childhood fantasies at the very first archery range in Cebu!

Wild Bow Archery is an indoor archery station for those who are interested to test their skills with the use of bows and arrows. Seeing the lack of opportunity for Cebuanos to do archery in the province, the owner of Wild Bow, Ken Wilbur, opened this archery venue and made it very much accessible to people.

What you need to know about Wild Bow

In order to train and accommodate beginners, Wild Bow offers nine short lanes with 10-meter distance from the target and three long lanes with an 18-meter distance from the target. They also have a shorter lane for kids while the 10-meter distance is great for adults. For professionals and serious archers, the 18-meter lanes were made for training sessions as these are the standards for indoor archery training.

What makes Wild Bow totally interesting is that their equipment are 100 percent legit! Yes, you get to use real bows and arrows that were ordered from suppliers abroad. Not only that, they also made sure that the personal needs of each and every archers are met – this means they have varied bows and arrows that would suit adults, kids, and even left-handed individuals!

Interested in Summer Program for Archery? Enroll at Wild Bow now!

Are you interested to push for that marksman dreams of yours? Or are you a parent who sees a potential in your child? Feel free to inquire at Wild Bow for their summer program. They have a prepared curriculum for the levels of trainers which would involve safety measures, caring for equipment, proper positioning of the body and the rest of the basics that needs to be learned by those who want to pursue archery. In addition to this, they are also hold tournaments to culminate the summer program. How cool is that?!

Wild Bow Rates and Other Info:

Wild Bow is located in the second floor of SM Seaside City Cebu. It is open from 10am to 10 pm every day to archers ages 6 and above. If you are up for the challenge to become tribute, visit them now!

  • 15 arrows – ₱150
  • 30 arrows – ₱275
  • 45 arrows – ₱385
  • 75 arrows – ₱675
  • 150 arrows – ₱1,200
  • 200 arrows – ₱1,500
  • 240 arrows – ₱1,680
  • 300 arrows – ₱1,950

For inquiries, you may visit their Facebook Page or call them at 0917-162-5233.

Let the games begin!