Working Mom? This is How to Successfully Pass Job Interviews

With the economy becoming more and more unstable because of the pandemic, it’s no wonder why a great number of mothers have decided to finally go back to work despite the demands of raising a family. And while many empowered women have successfully navigated their way through the labor force, the truth is: persuading employers to hire you because of your talent and skills sounds far easier than done.

On average, out of the 200+ resumes that companies receive from a job opening, only around four to six candidates get the chance to be interviewed. So, when you’ve finally gotten the chance to do so, make sure to keep in mind the following.

Here’s How to Rock Your Job Interview

  1. Talk confidently about why you fit into the organization or the role the company is looking for.

While you can’t stop potential employers from asking interview questions about your family life, you can be as professional as you can be and answer all of the questions to the best of your ability. As much as possible, leave the kids out of the equation, and focus on the skills and capabilities that you have. Focus on the background of the company, why you are fit for the organization, what skills you can offer, how you have professionally grown, and the many other things that you can contribute through the position that you are applying for.

  1. Sell your strengths.

Look into what specific type of work the company plans to give to their potential employee. Use wisely your time to talk about your previous work experience, how you were able to help solve company/ brand problems – that are related to the position you are applying for.

  1. Be selective of your answers.

As much as you don’t want to, it’s inevitable that the job interviewer or employer will ask about your gap year and the responsibilities that you have at home. Some questions would include: (1) when was the last time you worked professionally; (2) how will you be able to manage working and being away from your kids; (3) who will take care of your child/children when you will start working once again?

We have to admit that there are some people who have their own biases towards working mothers, but do not get disheartened. The fact that you reached that interview means there’s something in you that interests the company. Be honest in answering the questions but keep it as brief (but complete and on point) as possible. Stick to what is being asked. Unless unnecessary, do not supply information that would launch questions that are no longer related to the job position that you are applying for. You can also steer the question towards some information that you would want to know about the job you’re applying for like: “Actually, I would like to clarify something about the position…” By doing this, you don’t only get off from a very personal conversation, but you also get to show your interviewer how serious you are with the job.

  1. Do not sound too desperate.

While it’s true that you need the job but, as much as possible, do not give the interviewer such an impression. Instead, direct it in such a way that you give high importance to what you are capable of and what the company can benefit from hiring you. You can try by saying, “I don’t want to just apply to any job that comes along. I know what I’m capable of, so I only apply to what truly interests me and where I think my skills would fit best.”

  1. Show that you are professionally active.

You may have been away from the corporate world when you started making your family but this does not mean that don’t actually know what has been happening around your field. Demonstrate to your employers that you have been participating in activities related to your profession like taking online classes, volunteering, attending professional events, and the like. Don’t hesitate to share some personal achievements as well but make sure that these are related to the skills and knowledge necessary for the job you are applying for.

Not because you’ve been away from business it already means that you are incapable of doing the things that you were once passionate about. There’s so much more that you can do. Prepare well for that interview, study the company that you are applying for, and set yourself up for success. There’s nothing a mom like you can do!