Zozzle Tea: Get Zozzled at The Newest and Coolest Milk Tea Shop in Town

A new, homegrown milk tea shop recently opened in Cebu! And although you’d be tempted to brush it off as another run-of-the-mill milk tea joint, the guys behind it promise that they’ve got something up their sleeves. And truth be told, we are all very excited about what they have to offer! So why do we think Zozzle Tea is worth the hype? Keep on reading.

It has been about 11 years since milk teas started gaining popularity around the Philippines. Yet, it has probably only been around the past year or two that milk tea cafes and stalls started springing up at the rapid pace we see today. So trying to get into the market as a totally new brand is quite the challenge; but Zozzle Tea has come in with both hands swinging.

While many claim to offer authentic milk teas, the owners of Zozzle Tea found themselves dissatisfied with the state of the milk tea market in Cebu. For them, most offer products that are way too sweet, way too creamy, and way too milky for their liking. Essentially, they felt like the essence of milk teas – the tea itself – was getting lost in translation.

Premium Zozzle Classic Boba

And so, Zozzle Tea was born out of this desire for a more authentic tea experience. To them, this meant milk teas with just the right amount of sweetness, without overpowering the most important aspect of the drink itself – the tea! So they made sure to create their teas the way they should be made – by steeping actual tea leaves.

Additionally, if you drop by the store and keep a keen eye on their preparation, you will notice one difference in their method: when preparing your drink, the tea itself is still hot! They were adamant against pre-mixing the tea with milk or creamer. What this achieves, in their taste buds, is the preservation of the tea taste that is lacking in most commercial products today.

But that’s not the only thing they’re bringing to the table. Instead of using the readily available commercial sweeteners, they decided to go the route of crafting their own – and thus was born their signature muscovado syrup! Besides being a relatively healthier option, they figured out that the sweetness of the muscovado enhances the tea taste as opposed to overshadowing it. And as a plus, their boba is also soaked in the same signature muscovado syrup! No wonder their customers rave about their boba just as much as the milk teas themselves.

But this can’t be the only twist they have, right? Thankfully, you’re absolutely correct! As there seems to be a new milk tea shop popping up almost every week, they wanted to not only be authentic, but just as importantly, be innovative. How, you ask? By combining two seemingly unrelated things to create something you didn’t know you needed: Milk Tea + Alcohol.

To be completely accurate, they not only serve alcohol-infused milk teas, but also tea-based, alcohol-infused cocktails! Their alcohol-infused milk teas are called Giggle Teas – how cute! Meanwhile, their tea-based cocktails are called Teatails – just as cute! Now, before you start to worry about milk and alcohol causing upset stomachs, they actually use non-dairy creamer for their milk teas. This allows lactose-intolerant folks to get in on the milk tea craze, and more importantly, it allowed Zozzle Tea to concoct their alcohol-infused potions.

Teatails: Bloody Cebuana, Summer of 69, Orange Lightning, Midnight Blues, Naked on the Beach, Harlem Sunset, Jamaican Nights and Zozzle Bomb

While most people immediately equate alcohol with getting drunk, the guys at Zozzle Tea wanted to offer up a different alcohol experience. With their Giggle Teas and Teatails, their goal isn’t to get their customers drunk, but simply to introduce a new and flavorful milk tea experience, with just a touch of the alcohol buzz to get you relaxed after a long day at work.

From your favorite classic milk teas, to alcohol-infused milk teas and tea-based cocktails – Zozzle Tea’s got you // Photo from Zozzle Tea’s Facebook page

Zozzle Tea wanted to cater to as wide a customer base as possible. For more adventurous foodies, they’ve got their Giggle Teas and Teatails! But fear not if you just want a classic milk tea experience, because they’ve got you covered as well. If you’re a back to the basics person – plain milk tea drinkers unite! – you will be more than happy to drink their Premium line of milk teas. If you’re looking for something a bit more flavorful – wintermelon, anyone? – their Teazzato Milk Teas will surely fit the bill.

Lastly, if you find milk teas a bit too heavy and just want a light refreshing drink, their Fusion Teas are here for you – nothing like a tasty fruit-tea mix in our humid climate! If you’re looking for product suggestions, these are a few of their and their customers’ favorites:

For the Premium line, nothing beats their Zozzle Boba Signature Milk Tea – black tea with their signature muscovado syrup. If you’re a fan of a stronger, flowery tea taste, their Zozzle Jasmine Milk Tea might just be what you’re searching for.

Try out their flagship Premium Milk Tea – Zozzle Boba Signature milk tea – definitely a must-try!

Looking at their Teazzato Milk Tea line, they believe they have the best Wintermelon in town.

Teazzato Milk Tea – Wintermelon

If that isn’t confidence, then I don’t know what is! And they’re also really proud of both their Chocolate and Taro milk teas. If you want something less common, try their Honey Milk Tea – made using real Bukidnon honey!

Teazzato Milk Tea – Chocolate
Teazzato Milk Tea – Taro

If you’re game to try their alcohol-infused Giggle Teas, they fully recommend trying out their Carribean Milk Tea; rhum-infused milk tea goodness. And if you enjoy that, you will surely love their Jack’s Dilemma; chocolate plus rhum. You can also give their Ilsa’s Truth a go – good ‘ol wintermelon with a touch of gin!

As for me, I’m a fan of cocktails. And they describe their Teatails as the perfect balance between mocktails and cocktails. So when you’ve had a long day at work and want to go for a drink to relax, but can’t get drunk since you have work the next day, then they believe their Teatails are the perfect drink for you!

Teatails — Authentic teas. Innovative flavors.

For your first time, they recommend trying their Summer of ’69 for something light and easy to drink. If you want something with a little bit of a kick, give their Zozzle Bomb a go. But if you want to feel like you’re chilling by the beach, then you should drink their Jamaican Nights for some ocean-side vibes.

Teatail – Summer of ’69
Teatail – Zozzle Bomb
Teatail – Jamaican Nights

Zozzle Tea at The Attic is located inside Owl’s Mart in Crossroads Mall in Banilad. They actually had their grand opening on October 18, 2019 with live music from local artists from 22 Tango — Sepia Times, Jerika Teoderico and Lourdes Maglinte.

Zozzle Tea is open from 11 AM up to 12 MN daily. And they will also be on Grab and Eatigo very soon!

Plus, starting on November 16, you can enjoy the following promos:

  • November 16 – 1 FREE drink each for the first 25 customers (take note this is only for November 16) 
  • November 16 and 17 – all drinks will be BUY 1 TAKE 1 (any combination of drinks, just pay for the higher price)
  • November 18 to 30 – all drinks will be BUY 2 TAKE 1 (any combination of drinks, just pay for the higher price)

For more information on Zozzle Tea, check out their Facebook Page and follow them on Instagram.

Get zozzled with your friends // Photo from Zozzle Tea’s Facebook page

Also, feel free to send us your photos when you drop by and visit them. I’m confident you guys will love their milk teas. I can’t wait to try them out myself soon. Peace!

All Photos posted above are from Zozzle Tea.